Why use any other?

This is not a good place for a typo. Mistakes in a headline are never good, and this one from Yahoo! Style proves my point:

nordstom sty

Everyone knows that the store is Nordstrom, so let’s be generous and call that a typo. But what about the spelling of the Jewish holiday? There are several ways to spell it, the most common being Hanukkah and Chanukah. The sweater in question spells it Hanukkah. So why use any other spelling?


Taking a holiday

The writers at Yahoo! have taken a holiday from using the Shift key when pounding out what should be Halloween:

halloween lc mak

and Labor Day:

labor day sty

I guess the editors were taking a holiday from there jobs, too.

Labor Day is an issue

The inability to recognize a holiday is an issue with this writer from Yahoo! Style:

labor day sty

Labor Day is an official federal holiday in the United States and it deserves a little respect in the way of a couple of capital letters.

Take a peek at this

Take a peek at this capitalization (or rather, lack of capitalization) of Christmas on Yahoo! DIY:

blogs 1

Who doesn’t know to capitalize the holiday? The same person who doesn’t know that using that to refer to human beings is considered impolite. The pronoun who would be more to Emily Post’s liking.

blogs 2

Just one peek into this paragraph reminds us that the writer isn’t fond of capitalizing holidays like Valentine’s Day:

blogs 3

Or Mother Nature:

blogs 4

Reading that, you feel like you are really peeking into the mind of the writer, who has trouble picking the right homophone and who forgets to use an apostrophe to show that it’s kids’ art.

What are you selling?

Just which Lillies is Yahoo! Shopping flogging? Lilly Pulitzer? Lilly Ledbetter? Eli Lilly?

lillies shopping

The flower is the lily; the holiday is Valentine’s Day.

In honor of Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, which was November 11, the folks at Yahoo! Shine decided that the day of remembrance needed some punctuation:

veterans day apost shine

Presidents’ Day: Not for one president

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (part of the Yahoo! network) the unofficial holiday celebrated in February is Presidents’ Day — a day to recognize the contributions of past American presidents, not one president.

presidents day shine

I don’t think her socks are the target

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a gal, you might check out Yahoo! Shopping. If you can overlook the writer’s inability to capitalize the day correctly and form the correct plural of bikini (hint: it doesn’t have an apostrophe), you’ll find a way to knock her socks off. Assuming that’s what you want her to remove:

bikinis apost shop

Oy vey! It’s not Hanukkah

Oy! Who taught the writer for Yahoo! News how to spell Hanukkah? Oh, right. No one:

news hannukah

Capitalizing on Thanksgiving

Retailers are capitalizing on Thanksgiving with Black Friday bargains. Websites are capitalizing on it, too, with news stories and recipes focused on the holiday. So, with Thanksgiving in our face every day and everywhere, why don’t the editors for Yahoo! Shine know that it needs to be capitalized?

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