Gingrich non-profit promotes Christian school administrators

Newt Gingrich’s non-profit, Renewing American Leadership, promotes Christian principals in Washington. I’m thinking the promotion is to district superintendent, but I can’t imagine there are many openings in D.C. But I read it on Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” so it must be true:


The sole mistake?

Do you think that the writer for Yahoo! Shine really thought this was the name of the charity that provides shoes for the underprivileged?

Do you think she might have considered that the nonprofit was Soles4Souls?

Do you think that is the sole error in the article? It’s not. There’s at least one other: the misspelled Kathie Lee Gifford:

It seems you have a problem

Dear senior features editor for Yahoo! Shine: It seems you have a problem with some words in the English language. Take this homophonic error you created:

You see, the word you should have used is seams — that’s where two pieces of fabric are held together.

You also seem to have a problem with punctuation— unless here you were referring to the era of a single Sex Pistol:

If you meant the group from the ’70s, then you should have written Sex Pistols.

Finally, the woman on “Today” is Amy DiLuna:

Do you have a problem with that?

You think you knew

The writer for “Primetime in No Time” on Yahoo! TV thought he knew the correct word, but he was wrong:

Prada playing Shakespeare?

I imagine Ms. Prada’s role to be from Shakespeare. Maybe Ophelia or Lady MacBeth:

 I think the writer for Yahoo! Shine imagines her playing shoe designer clearly on a roll.

John C. Reilly’s transgendered role

In the movie “Cyrus,” John C. Reilly plays a divorced woman. At least that’s what it says on Yahoo! Movies:

OK, for all you writers for Yahoo! who didn’t take French in high school, here’s the story. Divorcé and fiancé (with one E) are male; divorcée and fiancée (with another E) are female.

Plumb crazy!

Those wacky editors at Yahoo! Answers can be so helpful. When they feature a question that contains an error or two, they clean it up, saving the writer public embarrassment. So, before featuring this question as a “Best of Answers,” the editors noticed a homophonic error:

And they corrected it! Well, they corrected one error and left the funnier one for your enjoyment!

I’m not buying it

I’m not buying what this writer on Yahoo! Shine is trying to sell:

I’m betting Ms. Johnson said, “I’m going to buy her a lot of clothes.”

Someone should come to her aid

The writer of this article on Yahoo! Shine could use a little help. There’s nothing grammatically wrong here: 

blocks shine 1

The problem? The manufacturer of the blocks she describes doesn’t make blocks in maple. If she had written mahogany, then that would be correct.

Someone needs to let her know that an aide is an assistant:

blocks shine 2

Any volunteers?

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