You should talk! writrs are in no position to criticize the mistakes of others, especially since they are unable to spell the name of the target of their scorn:

fp issac mizrahi

There’s no excuse for someone sitting at a computer with Internet access to misspell Isaac Mizrahi. No excuse.

Now I get it: This is Shine

I just don’t get it. How does a supposed professional writer misspell two names in the very first paragraph of an article? 

celeb designers 1

It’s not the first time this writer has managed to misspell Mizrahi. Personally, I don’t get it. It seems like a simple name. How can a writer specializing in fashion misspell that name?

I also don’t get what the heck this is supposed to be conveying:

celeb designers 2

OK. I lied. That mess conveys a very clear message: The writer can’t write and can’t proofread. And she also has no idea when to use an apostrophe to form a possessive:

celeb designers 3

It is possible that this grammatically challenged writer thinks that the plural of woman is womens. Or maybe the plural of the women is womens.

Let’s be generous and call this incorrect verb a mere typo:

celeb designers 4

And with some really creative thinking I can imagine that this actually makes sense, even though it appears to be complete nonsense:

celeb designers 5

And this is no doubt a little bit of humor inserted to amuse the reader:

celeb designers 6

This whole mess hasn’t fared well. But this is from Yahoo! Shine. That much I get and it explains a lot.

Isaac Mizrahi: Missing from Fashion’s Night Out?

Isaac Mizrahi is missing from this article about Fashion’s Night Out that appears on Yahoo! Shine:

fashion shine 1

Also missing is the word is following industry as well as the apostrophe in the contraction can’t:

fashion shine 2

Perhaps the apostrophe was just misplaced. Ah, here it is, in all its incorrect glory:

fashion shine 3

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