Going through a phase

I’ve seen so many homophonic horrors on Yahoo!, that one more (from Yahoo! Parenting) doesn’t faze me in the least:

phases him par

This is gonna turn heads

Here’s a new and meaningless idiom on Yahoo! Parenting that’s bound to turn heads:

turned eyes par

I think there are contact lenses that can turn brown eyes blue. I don’t think a toddler can do that. She might turn heads, though, and attract a lot of attention.

So she was a help?

This writer for Yahoo! Parenting needs some help. She might get some aid in a dictionary, which would tell her an aide is a person:

aid par

What is Bruce Jenner’s new name?

No, the folks at Yahoo! Parenting won’t call her Caitlyn. They prefer to make up their own spelling of Bruce Jenner’s new name, in spite of the rather obvious correct spelling:

caitlin par

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