Lay down your pen

My advice to the Yahoo! Makers writer: Lay down your pen, pick up a good book (like a dictionary), and lie back and read:

lay back diy

Though both lay and lie have multiple means lay is commonly used to mean “to put, place, or prepare” and lie, “to recline or be situated” according to the American Heritage Dictionary.


No lie: That’s wrong

After reading this snippet from Yahoo! Travel, you can just lie down and try to forget you ever saw it:

lay down travel

The verbs lay and lie have been confused for a long, long time. But careful writers know that lay takes a direct object and means “to put, place, or prepare” and lie, which cannot take an object, means “to recline or be situated.”

A new one

I thought I’d seen every homophonic error possible on Yahoo!, but I was wrong. The “journalist” for Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” came up with a new, creative, and totally hilarious way to spell leis:

news lays

Oh, that Hawaii School for Girls? It’s not in La Pietra, which is also not in Hawaii. It’s La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls.

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