Isn’t Lindsay Lohan everywhere these days?

Unless you live under a rock in a cave on a mountain on a deserted island, you have read about Lindsay Lohan. The girl’s name has been on television news, in the newspaper, on the cover of every celebrity-stalking rag, and on the Web. Even on the front page of Yahoo!. And yet, the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “Who Knew?” doesn’t know how to spell her name? How does that happen?

lindsey lohan who knew

Linday — the day after Sinday?

Is Linday the day after Sinday? Or is it another spelling of Lindsay Lohan’s name on Yahoo! Screen?

name linday lohan screen

Another day, another halloween

Are the folks at Yahoo! Shine trying to downplay Halloween? Are they trying to make it like any other day? Is that why they insist on undercapitalizing Halloween every day in the month of October?

I’m so sure this is right

I’m so sure I know how to spell Meryl Streep’s name, I don’t have to look it up. I don’t even have to ask the guy in the next cube how to spell it. I know because I am a hotsy-topsy hot-shot theater maven who writes for Yahoo! Movies:

I’m so sure this is how to spell Meryl Streep, that I’ll do it again:

Zach Galifianakis? Some lesser writers would be so intimidated by all those vowels they might resort to a Google search. Not me. I know it’s just alternating vowels and consonants. And it it’s not, it’s close enough:

See? I’m so sure of my ability, that I tried spelling Zach Galifianakis and added Jason Sudeikis:

OK. So, sometimes I make a teeny mistake known as a typo. This attempt at Frances McDormand is a typo because the N key is right next to the D key on the … never mind.

OK, I’ll concede that these are definitely typos, albeit so easy to identify that they don’t need to be corrected. Everyone knows who I mean here:

and here:

Do you think readers don’t care?

If you think that your readers don’t care if you can’t spell, think again. Here’s a little evidence from Yahoo! News‘ “Power Players” that suggests that they do notice your mistakes. And they do judge.

The first and possibly most egregious error on this “article” involves walking under a latter and hugging a black cat:

If you’re as challenged with language as this writer, let me enlighten you both: Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck. Hugging a cat is just showing a fondness for a feline. But if a black cat crosses your path, well, that’s considered bad luck.

Rick Santorum attended the White House Correspondents Dinner, where the starstruck ex-senator snapped a photo of Lindsay Lohan:

The writer can’t spell starstruck without a space and can’t spell health care with one:

And this is just a really dumb typo:

In case you share the opinion of Yahoo!’s management that readers don’t care about such trivialities as spelling, here’s a small sample of the comments left by readers:

How does an illiterate get to write for the public? Start a blog. Maybe this person should learn the English language before they start talking about a man who has served this country well for many years.

Has anybody seen the movie Idiocracy?? That’s exactly what our society is turning into. This is a front page story – A latter??? John Berman, PLEASE proofread your stories. Or at least run it by an editor.

… it is sad when an article is so poorly written that it could be corrected by a 3rd grader.

The individual who wrote this needs to get fired. 😦

[T]hese writers need brain check. but that only works if you have one.

[Y]ahoo news is trustworthy…NOT

If they can’t even check their spelling, do you think they actually check their facts?

How do you walk under a “latter”? Who hires these dumbazzez?

This is what you get when you have foreigners writing American articles. I have to say article because it is not news.

I don’t have time to research

Sometimes, there are so many errors of every variety in an article on Yahoo!, that I just don’t have the time or stomach to note them all. That’s the case with this piece from Yahoo! Shine by the senior features editor. So, I decided to focus my efforts on a narrow category of mistakes: misspelled names.

As an editor, she should expect to do a bit of research to verify such unimportant, irrelevant details as the actual names of the people she’s writing about. Apparently, she doesn’t have the time to verify the spelling of Bree Olson and Mercede Johnston:

Or Suzanne Somers, Ursula Andress, and Lindsay Lohan:

She’s not the only Yahoo! staffer who can’t take the time or make the effort. More than 1000 names have been mangled by Yahoo! employees. Some of them are actually quite creative!

Lindsay Lohan: Victim of dyslexia?

Was it a case of dyslexia that led to this misspelling on Yahoo! omg!?

Linday: The day after Lunday?

The little hottie on Yahoo! omg! could be Lindsay Lohan. Or something else:

A new Lindsay Lohan?

Has Ms. Lohan changed her name or is this just one more typo from Yahoo! omg!?

Lindsay Lohan: Victim again

You’d think that with the number of times Lindsay Lohan’s name appears in the media, that the writer of this photo caption from Yahoo! Shine would know how to spell her name:


Ms. Lohan’s name is just one of scores of celebrity names mangled by Yahoo!.

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