What role does toilet paper play in your life?

Isn’t the role of toilet paper generally the same in every household and restroom? What role did the Yahoo! Style writer mean when she wrote about a roll of bathroom tissue?

role of tp sty

Leather goods not moving

Is there an unnecessary comma here on Yahoo! Style?

stationary sty

I think the writer is referring to stationary leather goods — leather goods that don’t move and just hang around. I think. Unless the writer was referring to writing paper, envelopes and other kinds of stationery. That could be.

To older siblings

When is one error two? When it’s on Yahoo! Style and it’s to, not two:

to sty

How many pounds in a ton?

What could possibly be wrong with this opening sentence from Yahoo! Style?

7 tons


Just a little problem: Somehow the writer was unable to reproduce the title of a book, even though it was right above her text:

7 tons pic

Maybe the writer thinks a ton is 1,000 pounds, so 7,000 pounds is the equivalent of 7 tons. It’s basic arithmetic, except for the part about a ton being 1,000 pounds.

Can a dress hold up a leg?

Can a dress hold up a leg? I know that’s a stupid question — almost as stupid as this homophonic error on Yahoo! Style:

leg-bearing sty

How it affected their readers

Do you think that the editors at Yahoo! Style know that this is the wrong word and wonder how it affected their readers? Me neither. I also don’t think they care that there’s a bit of nonsense that might be the result of a missing word:

effected fem style

Perhaps the writer meant “or whether they even were feminists.” Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and call that a typo.

That’s a novel definition

I’m restraining myself. I was going to say something snarky about this mistake on Yahoo! Style, but I’ve decided that the writer needs our compassion and not our scorn:

novelists style

Clearly the writer is vocabulary-challenged. Perhaps she is new to English and is still learning the language. We should support her in her efforts by gently pointing out that a novelist writes novels. Hence, the term novelist. And a novel is a work of fiction. None of the women she lists has written a novel and therefore none is a novelist. They have all written books, which were not works of fiction, and they might be described as authors.

Note to self: Delete note to self

So, let’s say you’re writing an article for Yahoo! Style, and you realize you made a mistake, so you type up a note to yourself. Great idea. Except that you type it at the end of the article. And then you forget to make the change. And you forget to delete the note:

cara whathername style

How embarrassed would you be?

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