How to effect actual change

To effect actual change in the quality of writing at Yahoo! Movies, the site would have to employ competent editors — editors who know when to use affect and effect:

affect change mov

If you learned that affect is a verb and effect is a noun, you only learned half the story. Both affect and effect can be either a verb or a noun. The verb usage of effect is less common than its usage as a noun, but when you need a word to mean “bring about, make happen, or cause,” the word  is effect.


Running roughshod over the language

Yahoo! Movies ran roughshod over the English language with this interpretation of a common idiom:

rough shot mov

I’d prefer more ado

Without further ado (or any ado for that matter), let me present a homophonic horror from Yahoo! Movies:

adieu movies

I wish we could finally bid adieu to this mistake, but I fear the folks at Yahoo! will never learn the difference between a word that means farewell (that’d be adieu) and one that means a fuss (ado).

Take a critical look these errors

Behold the errors from Yahoo! Movies:

ic truck movies

There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to hyphen usage. These folks can’t decide if it’s “ice cream truck” or “ice-cream truck” or the truly original “ice cream-truck.”

Not confined by the rules of grammar, the writer seems to think it’s okie-dokie to use the plural pronouns them and they to refer to the singular truck. It’s not.

And if you take a critical look at this paragraph you might spot another goof: A missing word.

Misspelling a misspelling

In an article about an upcoming film with an unusually spelled title, the writer for Yahoo! Movies tries to list other movies with misspelled titles. It’s really a pathetic attempt since she misspells one-third of the titles:

misspelled movies

The correct spellings are:

Pet Sematary

Boyz n the Hood

Inglourious Basterds

If the writer can’t even spell the title of a movie correctly, I have to wonder what else she is getting wrong.

Something’s brewin’

Something’s amiss in this excerpt from Yahoo! Movies:

milwaukie movies

There is a city named Milwaukie and it probably has breweries, but it’s in Oregon. The Brewers in Major League Baseball play in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Would you aknowlage ownership of this?

Sometimes all it takes is one word — one horribly misspelled, mangled word — to turn a barely adequate article into an embarrassing disaster. And for the writer at Yahoo! Movies that word is aknowlaged:

aknow movies

If you were the writer, would you acknowledge your ownership of that?

Michael Bay transformed

“Transformers” director Michael Bay gets a little transformation in a big headline on Yahoo! Movies:

bay 1

How embarrassing. But that’s not the only thing this writer should be red-faced about. By now we know that proofreading isn’t necessarily her forte:

bay 2

Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if English is her forte. Perhaps she should consider another line of work, like peddling dictionaries door-to-door. She might actually open one and learn the difference between peddle and pedal:


Decoding the next pope

The process for choosing a pope is cloaked in history and ritual. Cardinals meet in the Sistine Chapel and attempt to decode the next pontiff. At least that’s what Yahoo! Movies tells us:

decipher pope movies

The American Heritage dictionary tells us that decipher means:

  1. To read or interpret (ambiguous, obscure, or illegible matter).
  2. To convert from a code or cipher to plain text; decode.

This sentence tells us that the writer needs an editor or a little more time with a dictionary.

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