That’s one video we should all watch!

Don’t let the title discourage you! I’m sure this video on Yahoo! Finance’s “Daily Ticker” is fabuloso. I just have no idea what it’s about:

if is fiscal finance


Halle Berry off for Thanksgiving?

Who can blame them? A fistfight at the home of Halle Berry was bound to happen.

I don’t advocate the use of violence, but if you drop a daughter and find that her mother, Halle Berry, is off, you might just expect a little violent eruption:

And thanks to the editors for the Yahoo! front page, the whole world knows about this incident.

Avoiding a compliment and other mishaps

Oh, dear. It’s too bad the writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Primetime in No Time” doesn’t have the benefit of a competent editor to clean up his grammatical gaffes. A good editor might supply the missing word, capitalize Hollywood, and substituted the right complement here:

LeBron would probably get his camel cap (that capitalized letter appearing mid-name) and Charlie’s Angels would be pluralized without an apostrophe:

The rookie mistakes of the misplaced period (in the U.S., it goes before the closing quotation mark) and divided backyard (it’s one word) might be avoided:

Is this the way Yahoo! supports its writers and its readers? Yeah.

Is there such a thing as a misplaced word?

Of course. Like this one on Yahoo! Shine:


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