What ‘American Idol’ contestants are missing

Calm down. It’s just an S that’s missing. Again. And it’s dropped from the Yahoo! Music again:

Cee Lo Green’s missing character

Don’t get so excited. It’s just an S that missing on the home page of Yahoo! Music:

Hearts of Darkness

The movie is “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse.” It’s not either of these titles alleged by the writers for Yahoo! Movies:

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff

I’m not suggesting that someone brutally crack down on this reporter. I just think a little help from an editor, a proofreader, or anyone familiar with basic English would be nice. Perhaps then the reporter for “The Cutline” blog on Yahoo! News wouldn’t use though instead of through and western instead of Western:

Maybe Yahoo! just can’t afford additional editorial staff. Hey, we’ve all had to cut back. I get it. So, if there’s no help coming from the Internet giant, I have a suggestion: Don’t worry about making mistakes! Don’t sweat it! Just relax! 

Can’t decide how to spell the name of the Libyan leader? No problem! Spell it two ways and one of them is bound to be right! Can’t spell Christiane Amanpour’s name? No problem! Nobody will notice!

Just because you’re a senior media reporter for one of the world’s largest Internet companies, don’t worry if you can’t remember the name of that little rag published in New York. You don’t work for the New York Times; no one expects you to have actual knowledge of the news media:

Now, don’t you feel better?

BP oil spill claims: Not so bad after all

The number of underpaid claims resulting from the BP oil spill isn’t nearly as bad as some news outlets report. Some guy (or maybe it’s a company) named BPand Feinberg has deliberately underpaid just one measly claim. I read that on Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout” and you know those folks don’t lie:

Standing in the Jimmy Buffet line

The writer for Yahoo! Music‘s “That’s Really Week” will have to stand in line if he thinks he’s the first Yahoo! staffer to misspell Jimmy Buffett’s name:

Poor Mr. Buffett has also suffered at the keyboard of a writer for Yahoo! Sports. Even billionaire Warren Buffett gets the same shabby treatment on Yahoo!.

I’m not loving this New Year’s Eve

What is up with this New Year’s Eve? The T-shirt has at least two errors and the caption has another. Thanks, Yahoo! Avatars. Nice way to start 2011!

Jack Black stars in an abridged ‘Gulliver’s Travels’

Apparently Jack Black’s Gulliver won’t be traveling as much as the book’s character did. According to Yahoo! Movies, Gulliver will be restricted to a single travel:

One character too few

Just how big is a new cast with only one character? That’s the question we’re all asking the writer for  Yahoo! Movies:

Sensitive subject gets insensitive treatment

If you’re writing about a sensitive subject like suicide, give it the respect it deserves, and not the shoddy treatment it gets on Yahoo! Shine.

Perhaps the transsexual who attempted suicide, Nadia Almada, prefers that her name be misspelled, keeping her somewhat out of the spotlight:

I’m pretty sure celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay would prefer his name be spelled correctly:

The misplaced comma, missing hyphen, and incorrect hyphen in bipolar are more evidence of the lack of regard for the subject:

The other mistakes in the article are the kind you can expect every day from this writer. She can’t cover up this mistake. It’s a verb. It doesn’t need a hyphen:

If your dream is to be a writer, try exercising a little respect for the English language:

Learn to proofread so your writing won’t be missing a word:

The correlative conjunction is not only…but also. And aftercare is the correct spelling here:

There’s an S missing here:

There’s another misspelling of Gordon Ramsay’s surname. Did the writer just make up a spelling for Gail Simmons? Because Googling it would be too hard? Or she doesn’t have respect for the TV personality? Another misplaced piece of punctuation and an incorrect comma separating a subject from its verb show a lack of respect for the language:

Where’s the apostrophe that would make this correct?

Misspellings, grammatical errors, and just plain sloppiness; they all show a lack of respect for the subject, the language, and the reader.

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