Two Trinas?

Are there really two women named Trina who share their weight-loss stories on Yahoo! Beauty?

cosland bea

Or did someone at Yahoo! forget to proofread?


The American continent would be appalled

If you read this on Yahoo! Sports, you probably had the same reaction I did: What the heck is “the American continent”?

continent spo

Is it North America? South America? And why would an entire continent be concerned about looking like slobs? So what is the American continent? It’s a typo. (At least I hope it’s a typo.) The word the writer meant: contingent. (At least I hope it’s the word.)

Did the editor take a detour?

So, the editor for Yahoo! Sports was going to check this headline — you know, for grammatical errors, spelling, that sort of thing — but took a detour at the latte station and totally forgot about this:

takes mlb

Ha! I made that up. I really don’t know why that headline contains that error. It seems pretty obvious that there’s a plural subject, but a singular verb.

Written by a millennial?

If you saw this misspelling onYahoo! Beauty, would you assume it was written by a millennial?

millenials beau

A survey conducted in August 2015 found that “74% of Americans ages 18 to 34 are annoyed by grammar and spelling mistakes on social media,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

At least he wasn’t towing the line

I gotta give  credit to the Yahoo! Sports writer for using the verb toeing, and not towing, here:

toeing the line mlb

He didn’t fall into the trap that other Yahoo! writers have. Unfortunately, toeing the line means “adhering to rules or conforming.” And that’s not what the author meant. He was referring to someone who straddled the line between baseball and design.

That time the writer muffed the caption

Proving once again that knowledge of fashion, clothing, or accessories is not a requirement for employment at Yahoo! Style, this writer muffs a photo caption:

muffler 1

Was that a muffler (which is a long scarf) keeping the princess’s hands warm, as the writer alleges? No, it was a fur muff:

muffler pic

It reminds me of the times the writers didn’t know a garter from a garter belt. Or a cameo from a cami dress.

Errors proliferate

This error has proliferated on Yahoo! Style:

proliferated style

This writer has misused the word here and here. And another Yahoo! writer misused it here. Apparently everyone at Yahoo! thinks proliferated means infiltrated. It does not.

Unfortunately, this is not atypical of Yahoo

Unfortunately for the reader, the use of an incorrect preposition is not atypical of Yahoo! Style writers and editors:

atypical to sty

Is this a joke?

When a site makes as many mistakes as Yahoo! Style does, it’s impossible to tell the difference between a hideous error and a deliberate attempt at humor or irony. Take this flag, for instance, which appeared on the site’s home page:

flag sty

Maybe to someone living in China, it looks like an American flag. But to Americans, it looks like a horrible imitation with its 61 stars. All Americans know their flag has only 50 stars.

Did the person who chose that image know it was wrong? We’ll never know.

Get the lead out!

What led the Yahoo! Celebrity writer to think that this was the past tense of lead?

lead cel

The verb is lead (pronounced leed) and its past tense is led (pronounced, um, led). The noun lead is also pronounced led. Is that what led to this writer’s confusion?

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