It’s a new year

After today, which is still December 31 where I’m writing this, it’ll be a new year. But not on the Yahoo! front page, where folks are a little confused here:

fp new year cap 3

and here:

fp new year cap 2

Those capital letters should be reserved for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and just plain New Year’s (when it refers to the holiday). But if you mean a year that is just starting, it’s new year.


1 New Year’s Eve mistake you don’t have to make

Here’s one New Year’s Eve mistake from Yahoo! DIY that I’m sure you’ll avoid:

nye no apost diy

Don’t forget the apostrophe in Year’s. That’s it. You’re welcome.

It’s just for women

Yahoo! Shine is a site that is aimed at women. Its features often come from “women’s” magazines and focus on subjects that women are most interested in (or at least topics that Yahoo! thinks they’re interested in) like fashion, beauty, and relationships.

But if you look at headlines from the site, you may get an idea of what Yahoo! really thinks about its female readers. Like, women don’t care about spelling, and will overlook a sad attempt at roommates:

roomates shine

And women don’t care about typos and won’t notice your instead of you:

your should shine

And women don’t care about grammar and punctuation, even if New Year’s Eve is missing its apostrophe:

new years eve shine

What does all this say about Yahoo!’s respect (or lack of respect) for its readers?

A new new year

It’s a new way to spell new year on the Yahoo! front page:

Although New Year’s Eve is a proper noun, new year is just a common one.

I’m not loving this New Year’s Eve

What is up with this New Year’s Eve? The T-shirt has at least two errors and the caption has another. Thanks, Yahoo! Avatars. Nice way to start 2011!

A New Year’s resolution about the new year

I’m thinking of making a New Year’s resolution: Stop writing about the misspellings of new year and New Year’s that appear on Yahoo!.

But before I make such a radical commitment, I’d like some assurance that the madness on Yahoo! will end. I’d like to know that this is the last time Yahoo! Shine writers will neglect the capital Y:

And that they’ll stop capitalizing new year, which isn’t a holiday or a proper noun of any sort:

It’d be great if the writers on the Yahoo! Answers blog followed suit. And if they figured out that resolution should be cap-free:

OK, so what happened to the apostrophe in New Year’s in that blog post?

Again with the capitalized resolutions! The abundance of commas (all of which should be scrapped) don’t make me feel confident that the writers are paying attention to details.

Maybe I’ll wait till next year to make that resolution.

Time to kick out the New Year

It’s time to kick out the New Year and replace it with new year. It’s here on the home page of Yahoo! Shine:

and again here:

While we’re kicking out mis-capitalized words, let’s kick out the typos, too:

How about this for a New Year’s resolution?

Let’s hope that the writers for Yahoo! Shine make a New Year’s resolution to raise the grammatical standards on their Web site. They can start with learning to use the Shift key:

It’s always New Year’s Eve in Miami

OMG! Does no one at Yahoo! know how to spell New Year’s Eve? It needs the apostrophe that’s missing (twice!) on Yahoo! omg!:

Let’s hope this is the last we see of the New Year

Please, let today be the last day we are confronted with the New Year. It’s just wrong. There’s New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and New Year’s. But without the apostrophe and S, it’s just new year. I wish someone had informed the writers and editors at Yahoo! Shine, because the error appears on its home page:

and three times on another page:



 And again on a third page:

Is there a conspiracy to change the capitalization of this common noun? Because the writer at Yahoo! TV seems to be in on it:

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