Regarding that word

To the Yahoo! Style writer: In regard to your word choice, it’s wrong.

The expression is in regard to or with regard to, or even just regarding.

Alter that word

The writer for Yahoo! Style altered the meaning of this sentence when she used alter instead of altar:

Kelsea Ballerini may be a year late

While the rest of us have been ringing in 2017, singer Kelsea Ballerini  has been a year behind us, according to Yahoo! Style:


Bad Santas

From Yahoo! Style we get bad Santas — spelled with an unnecessary (and incorrect) apostrophe:


Whose mistake is it?

Who’s responsible for this homophonic error on Yahoo! Style? Whose mistake is it?



You’re out of order!

When I read these three numbers on Yahoo! Style I was confused. Then I read the explanation and I was even more confused:


If you’re in the U.S., the tattoo “07.09” represents July 9th; in the U.K., it’s September 7th. And in the mind of the writer, it’s August 7th.

The writer was considerate enough to include a picture of the tattoo and it provides the explanation I’ve been looking for: The writer is incapable of copying numbers:


You just gotta work through it!

If you’re trying to read this article from Yahoo! Style and you’re stumbling on some serious misspellings, you just gotta work through it:


Was Ms. Willis paling around, bleaching her skin? Or was she palling around with friends? You decide. Did you notice that the writer didn’t leave intact intact? Yeah, me, too. And I’m pretty sure Ms. Willis didn’t say she “gotta work though it,” aren’t you?

Not a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer

With this many mistakes in a single sentence, it’s a safe bet that this Yahoo! Style writer won’t be winning any journalism prizes:

emmy-award sty

I gotta give her credit for trying to use a hyphen, though she got that wrong. It should be Emmy Award-winning. It’s downhill from there: that was featured should be who were featured. Although it’s not grammatically incorrect to refer to human beings with that, it is considered impolite; that’s why she should have used who. And was featured is grammatically horrific since its subject is powerhouses. Finally, we have women in the TV, which may sound correct to those learning English. To the rest of us, it’s the worst.

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