What color is a pallet?

From Yahoo! Style:


This is a pallet:


A set or range of colors is a palette.

Talents for talons

Everybody has some talents. I’m not sure what this Yahoo! Style writer’s talents are, but they seem to be something that a manicurist would file and paint:

talents 4 talons

I’m guessin’ one of her talents isn’t her vocabulary.

Nobody took notice?

So, it looks like no one at Yahoo! Style took notice of this rather strange idiom:

caught notice sty

Winning over a thirst

This fabulous mixed metaphor from Yahoo! Style won over my unquenchable thirst:

won over fin

Ha-ha. I kid. I am a kidder. That statement makes absolutely no sense. You can’t win over a thirst. You might be able to quench a thirst or slake a thirst — but not this thirst because it’s unquenchable.

Do you concur?

In what must be the worst misspelling in the history of bad spelling, a Yahoo! Style editor embarrasses herself and everyone who works for the Internet giant with this:

concur sty hp

If you concur with my evaluation, you’ll be doubly shocked when you see that it’s not a typo. In the article itself, the editor repeats her ridiculous spelling of conquer:

concur sty

She also manages to completely screw up a simple fact: The video she so thoughtfully provided shows the qualifying time at four minutes and 27 seconds. Where did she get the idea it was anything less? Maybe after the writer conquers spelling, she’ll tackle basic arithmetic. Do you concur?

What were the girls hoarding?

Hordes of readers of Yahoo! Style will no doubt object to the misuse of this homophone:

hoards of girls sty

Hoards of girls are the things that girls hoard. Whatever that might be.

Both her writing and her editing were wrong

What does it take to be a news editor for Yahoo! Style? Certainly not a knowledge of grammar, as evidenced by this excerpt:

was subdued sty

Calvin Klein: A decent designer

Calvin Klein is a decent designer of Hungarian-Jewish descent. Did you know that? Me neither. And neither did the news editor for Yahoo! Style:

decent sty

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

Writers at Yahoo! tend to have a lot of trouble dealing with numbers. And the news editor over at Yahoo! Style is no exception. Take this little nugget from a recent article:

sing shoes 1

That seems pretty easy to digest, arithmetically speaking. But the numbers get a little too much for her when she tries to do a little subtraction:

sing shoes 2

Did you notice that the writer also has trouble with English? American gals don’t shill out anything, since that’s not a real expression. They do, however, shell out money for shoes — at a rate of about $183,000 less than Singaporean women. But that’s not a real number, either. Average women in the Singaporean survey don’t spend $204,000 on shoes over their lifetime. That number is the maximum spent by women in the survey. So unless every woman in the survey spent $204,000, which I tend to doubt, the editor got that number wrong, too.

If it ends in S, add an apostrophe

It seems that the writer for Yahoo! Style thinks that a word ending in S requires an apostrophe, even if it’s a simple plural:

models apos sty

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