Turn down the lights

The editors on the Yahoo! front page should turn down the capital letters in northern lights, and make it the common noun that it is:

fp norther lights cap

A first for northern lights

Every time the editors or writers or whoever tries to write northern lights on the Yahoo! front page, they give it two capital letters. This is the first time I’ve seen it with just one cap, and it’s still wrong:

It’s opposite day!

It’s opposite day at Yahoo! News, where  words that should start with a lowercase letter, start with a capital. Like this governor:

When it doesn’t precede the governor’s name, this title should be lowercase.

And this:capitalized south, which should be lowercase since it refers to the compass direction, and not a region of the U.S.:

And this capitalized northern lights, which isn’t a proper noun:

And on opposite day, proper nouns like southern (which does refer to a region of the States in this context) should be capitalized, but aren’t:

What is going on in here?

What’s going on in the minds of editors of the Yahoo! front page? Did they forget to proofread this for missing words?

Do they still think that one of the wealthiest men in the world is named after a dining style popular in Las Vegas? News flash: His name is Warren Buffett:

And the northern lights still aren’t worthy of this cap letter treatment:

What’s going on over at Yahoo!?

Having a bad day?

Those genius editors working on the Yahoo! front page had a really bad day yesterday. So bad, in fact, that I almost feel sorry for them. It must be awfully discouraging to work for a company that has no interest in the quality of what you produce. A company that lets you publish terrible typos, grammatical goofs, and massive misspellings on what is allegedly the most visited page on the Web.

How bad would you feel if you wrote this?

Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to learn that you made a simple noun, like northern lights, into a capitalized one?

Maybe you’d start looking for other employment if you felt that your employer doesn’t know the difference between a carat (the weight of a gem) and a karat (a measure of the fineness of gold):

I know I’d be red-faced if I couldn’t spell al Qaida right twice:

But that’s not all! There’s a word missing here:

and a misspelled ex-defendant here:

and a bit of nonsense that might be code for ingredient:

and a major grammatical embarrassment there:

That’s a lot of mistakes for one day. (And that’s not even all of them. Check out previous posts from Monday.) How bad would you feel after having a day like that?

Capital crimes

What’s with the capital letters on the Yahoo! front page? Someone needs to explain to the editors that there’s a time and place to hit the Shift key, and state dinner is not one of them:

and neither is northern lights:


Dazzling northern lights

Although they may be “dazzling,” northern lights don’t deserve the special treatment on the Yahoo! front page:

What’s evident here

What’s evident here is that no one edits the articles before they’re published on Yahoo! News‘ “The Lookout”:

When you’re referring to the planet, use Earth, not earth. If you’re referring to events that will happen tomorrow, use the future tense.

Finally, when you’re referring to the northern lights, don’t make it a proper noun:

What’s up with the northern lights?

Actually, the question should be: What’s up with capitalizing northern lights? Why would the editors on the Yahoo! front page think it needed the proper noun treatment? It doesn’t:

I’ve only seen a mistake like that once before. Where was that? Oh, yeah: On the Yahoo! front page.

See the real northern lights (aka aurora borealis)

You won’t find the real northern lights (also known as the aurora borealis) on the Yahoo! front page.

They’re approximations of the light show, but neither is a proper noun.

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