Bad writing by a pseudo-editor

Having a title that includes “editor” isn’t enough to make you a certifiable wordsmith or grammar guru. But, that’s not the standard on Yahoo! Shine, where a senior features editor can write crap like this:

Knowing the difference between a contraction like it’s and a possessive pronoun like its isn’t necessary to write for Shine.

The ability to use punctuation correctly is strictly optional. Thinking that apostrophes are acceptable substitutes for quotation marks, the editor writes:

An inability to see a duplicated word and more misused apostrophes don’t disqualify you from calling yourself an editor:

Let’s hope that this is a deliberate attempt at humor, because putting a nail in a grave is really quite funny:

Not so funny? Misspelling Kim Cattrall.

Really not funny? A pseudo-word, which any spell-checker would spot, and probably suggest “suede”:

Creativity with capital letters seems to be encouraged:

…as are a miscellaneous combination of meaningless words, the misuse of to instead of too, and some missing quotation marks:

Call yourself an editor? Sure, you have the title. You just don’t have the knowledge, talent, or ability to actually function as one.


Eek! A typo! And another one!

I loved the humor in this excerpt from Yahoo! Shine — until I got to the second sentence. Eek!

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