What can you sell from a bike?

Grab a bike and get peddling! That’s the advice from Yahoo! Travel:

peddling travel

What exactly can you sell — legally — from a bike? And if it’s not a legal substance, you’d better be prepared to get pedaling, because that’s the only way to make time on a bike.


Michael Bay transformed

“Transformers” director Michael Bay gets a little transformation in a big headline on Yahoo! Movies:

bay 1

How embarrassing. But that’s not the only thing this writer should be red-faced about. By now we know that proofreading isn’t necessarily her forte:

bay 2

Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if English is her forte. Perhaps she should consider another line of work, like peddling dictionaries door-to-door. She might actually open one and learn the difference between peddle and pedal:


Written by a so-called professional?

Even so-called professional writers make grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes — especially if they work for Yahoo!. Take this example from Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow,” where the writer believes that quotation marks belong after the expression “so-called”:

ped 1

They don’t. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “Quotation marks are not used to set off descriptions that follow expressions such as so-called and self-styled, which themselves relieve the writer of responsibility for the attribution: his so-called foolproof method (not ‘foolproof method’).

That’s a common mistake. On Yahoo!, there are a lot of common mistakes, like failing to match a pronoun with its antecedent (the word it refers to). And failing to hyphenate modern-day when it’s used as an adjective, misspelling Flintstones, and best of all using peddles instead of pedals:

ped 2

This is more akin to a careless error:

ped 3

And any decent spell-checker would have flagged Minnealpolis as a misspelling:

ped 4

But for Yahoo!’s so-called journalists, spell-checking is optional. Heck, it’s not just optional, it’s nonexistent.

Just to be sure we understand that Jeff Stone is a Republican state representative, the writer tells us in two slightly different ways, each containing its own errors:

ped 5

If you think I’m the only person who is appalled by this professional writer’s ignorance, you’d be wrong. Here’s one comment left by a reader:

“using peddles underneath their seats”
“PEDDLES”???? Jeezuz Joe Bob. My 6-year-old can write better than this. Apparently they’re trying to solve the unemployment problem by giving illiterate idiots jobs writing “news” articles. Sheesh.

On a bike made of heroes’ awards

Maybe Louis B. Mayer’s father would have been more successful if he had a decent bicycle. It can’t be easy pedaling around on a two-wheeler made from the medals of war heroes:

Or maybe the idiot writer for Yahoo! Movies didn’t know that Mr. Mayer’s father peddled scrap metal.

I’m backpedaling as fast as I can

 I imagine there’ll be some backpedaling by the writer concerning this error on Yahoo! Shine:

Or maybe the man in question was trying to return a broom he bought from an itinerant Fuller Brush salesman.

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