The last one of many

Someone please get this Yahoo! TV writer an editor. He could use a little help with his word choices:

spackle tv

If you’re referring to the second of two items, you can use latter. If you’re referring to the last of more than two items, you can’t. The word latter can refer to one of only two items. In this case, the writer should have written “this last one.”

That little error might have gone unnoticed by me (not really, I’d notice it but maybe not blog about it), but I had to include it because of the words that follow it. If the writer was trying to be funny with his use of the word spackle (which is a trademark, by the way), he fell flat. Spackle is used to patch those little holes left in a wall when you remove a nail. It’s mortar that is used between bricks. And even if he had used the correct word, I’d still have no idea what that metaphor meant.


What do you do with an airplane hanger?

What would you do with an airplane hanger? Hang up airplanes? Or hang up your coat on this airplane hanger?

airplan hanger

If you read this on Yahoo! TV wouldn’t you be asking those questions?

airplane hanger

Can you image the number of airplane hangers you could fit inside an airplane hangar like this one:

airplan hangar

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