Taking a gamble

Taking a gamble that they know how to spell Procter in Procter and Gamble, the editors at Yahoo! News lose:

Why gamble on a misspelling?

Why would writers or editors at yahoo.com gamble on misspelling Procter & Gamble, especially when it’s been shown time and again that they’re know good at remembering how to spell names?

fp proctor

Why wouldn’t they simply copy the company name and past it into the text? Why gamble on misspelling? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: They don’t care about accuracy.

Show a little respect to Christie Brinkley

As a writer, you display respect for your readers by using the language correctly. You show respect for your subject by spelling her name correctly (sorry, Christie). The writer for Yahoo! Shine may have different ideas:

Maybe it’s OK in some worlds to ignore the missing half of the correlative conjunction not only…but also. But if you strive for grammatically correct writing, you’ll include not only not only but also but also.

Wanna hear a great tip I learned from Mom? When you’re referring to your mother, show her some respect with a capital M:

You should also show some respect to the subject you’re writing about. Start by getting the spelling straight. Sorry, but Prell was introduced by Procter and Gamble.

And get your pronouns right. Like, don’t use it’s (which means it is) when you should use its. It’s only right.

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