Look at this another way

Is the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity looking at the same picture of Donald and Kiefer Sutherland that I am?

profiles 1

That caption belongs to this picture of the father and son:

profiles 2

Is that a photo of two profiles? Or does the writer not know that a profile is a side view?

Whose mistake is that?

There are writers at Yahoo! Celebrity whose mistakes are obvious to even the most casual reader. The writer who’s made this goof is one of them:

whos apos cel

The possessive form of who is whose; who’s is a contraction of who is or who has.

She struggles

Oh, lordie, I’m struggling to try to figure out what made the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity think this was correct:

she struggles cel

The writer obviously has problems with English grammar. Her struggles are embarrassing.  Do I really need to explain to her (and her editor, if she had one) that the possessive of the pronoun she is not she. It is her.

A snapshot of whom?

Who is Amy Schumer talking about when she mentioned a snapshot of her? She was talking about herself, and that’s the pronoun the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity should have used:

of her cel

Confused about plural possessives?

Do you ever get confused about forming the possessive of a plural noun? Where does that apostrophe go? Before or after the S? If you find yourself in a quandary over possessives, just do what the writer for Yahoo! Celebrity did: Put in an extra S so that you can place that apostrophe before and after an S:

sisterss apos cel

Writers’ mistakes like this happen all the time on Yahoo!.

Sometimes you’re right, sometime you’re wrong

Everyone needs advice sometimes, and that includes the writer and editor for Yahoo! Celebrity who think that sometime is a synonym for occasionally:

sometime cel

I’d prefer a photo of him

When did schools stop teaching grammar? It must have been before this writer for Yahoo! Celebrity attended first grade:

photo of he

Why would anyone with a high school education think that the object of the preposition of could possibly be he, and not him?

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