Where mistakes reign

Some editor should take the reins over at Yahoo! Style, where homophonic mistakes reign:

reigns sty

In the same article, another caption came bearing yet another assault on the language:

baring gifts sty

Unless Ms. Perry was unwrapping the gifts for Ms. Clinton, the correct word is bearing.

This magazine wants you to read its magazine

Maxim is a magazine. The writer for Yahoo! Style seems to have forgotten that. She thinks Maxim (when it’s in italics) is the company that publishes the magazine and that you can refer to a company by a plural pronoun. She’s wrong on both counts:

their magazine sty

She needs an editor to take the reins and correct her word usage. An editor who’ll remove coverups from a list of swimsuits since it’s not an actual swimsuit. An editor who’ll remove a galloping case of redundancy and who’ll make sense of this final sentence:

swimsuits sty

Don’t give this writer free rein

The authorities in charge of Yahoo! Makers should be careful about giving this writer free rein:

reign diy

She needs the help of a competent editor — one who knows that a king may reign freely, but this writer shouldn’t have free rein.

Rein it in!

When will the writers for Yahoo! Makers rein in their errors? When will they learn the difference between rein (which means to control or restrain) and reign (which is what a monarch does)?

reigning it in diy

Do not give this writer free rein

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the best writers. And no writer working on a site as widely read as Yahoo! Makers should be given free rein to write without the benefit of an editor.

free reign diy

Giving writers free rein means that they can work unrestrained; giving them free reign means that they can rule the world without charge.

Someone needs to rein in that writer

A king and queen reign in a monarchy. Competent editors rein in writers gone wild. That’s what the Yahoo! front page needs — an editor who isn’t confused by homophones:

fp reign in

Don’t give this writer free rein

Time to rein in this writer for Yahoo! Homes:

free reign homes

You don’t want to give free rein to a writer who doesn’t know this common idiom.

This writer should not have free rein

This writer for Yahoo! DIY needs to be reined in with the help of an editor:

free reign diy

She shouldn’t have free rein to write as she pleases; otherwise, homophonic errors will reign supreme.

For an entertaining description of the many equestrian words like rein that have entered our lexicon, see this blog post from Oxford Dictionaries.

What do you play on a foot court?

This little paragraph from Yahoo! Movies brought back childhood memories for me:

free reign foot court movies

I remember when there were no spell checkers. It was a time when we had to proofread our own writing. I remember, too, a tennis court where we would play tennis. I remember a basketball court where we would play basketball. But I don’t recall a foot court. What would you play there? Footsie? And I remember that when I was given free rein I was allowed to play without restraint.

Reign of error

It’s just one more homophonic error in a long line of errors. This time it’s from Yahoo! News and it’s by a writer who forgot that a queen reigns and the things you use to control a horse are reins:

sq ft news 2

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