First things first

First things first: The writer for Yahoo! Style messes up a common idiom:

first thing sty

Lay off the bevvy before you write

The editor for Yahoo! Style needs to lay off alcohol before she writes. It obviously clouds her spelling ability:

bevvy sty new

It’s no wonder that there are so many errors on Yahoo!, considering an editor doesn’t know that a group is a bevy and bevvy is British slang for an alcoholic beverage.

The kids are at the keyboard again

Wouldn’t it be great if Yahoo! Style hired writers who were old enough to vote? Maybe then they’d know a little more about the world and the people in it. Perhaps if this writer’s memory went back further than Blue Ivy’s birth, she’d be familiar with the “aquatic star” Esther Williams:

ethel wims sty

Did Grace Coddington write about another Grace?

What are the chances that Grace Coddington would write the biography of someone else named Grace? And who was that Grace? Grace Kelly? Grace Jones?

biography sty

It was neither of those Graces. It was a book about herself, generally known to literate people (and I’m not including the writer for Yahoo! Style in that group) as an autobiography. A biography is written by someone other than the subject of the book.

How would you answer?

In a series of interviews, this Yahoo! Style asked designers this enigmatic question:

or is a mix sty

And surprisingly, they all were able to answer it, even if they couldn’t understand it.

Hilary Swank answers

So, Hilary Swank was being interviewed by a writer from Yahoo! Style, who asked her this question:

so are planning sty

And amazingly Ms. Swank managed to come up with an answer. If it were me, I’d still be laughing.

Paired up with the wrong word

Maybe if the writer for Yahoo! Style tried to pare down her use erroneous words she wouldn’t be making these mistakes:

paired down sty

You can pair up items of clothing and you can pair up two words to make the correctly spelled grownup. You just can’t pair down anything.

W for wrong

Was the writer for Yahoo! Style sitting quietly by herself  when she came up with a new title for the film “V for Vendetta” and when she came up with the wrong preposition?

sitting to herself sty

This editor needs an editor

The editor who wrote this for Yahoo! Style could use an editor herself:

editor in chiefs sty

The plural of editor-in-chief is editors-in-chief.

Inducted into Wrong Word Hall of Fame

The Yahoo! Style writer should be indoctrinated inducted into the Wrong Word Hall of Fame for this goof:

indoctrinated into sty

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