One writer’s scary snafu

Isn’t it scary that someone writing for Yahoo! Shine thinks that snafu still needs all those capital letters?

snafu shine

Snafu started out as an acronym for “situation normal, all fu**ed up.” But now it’s just a common noun.


A real capital snafu

There was a time when snafu was an acronym meaning “situation normal all f**ked up.” That time is long past. It’s now a common noun, without any capital letters. Except on Yahoo! Shine, where snafus (and SNAFUs) are all too common:

snafu shine hp

About that snafu

If you’re tapping out snafu, lay off the Caps Lock key or you’ll make the same snafu that the writer for Yahoo! Shine did:

At one time, snafu was an acronym derived from “situation normal all f*cked up.” It’s not an acronym anymore and doesn’t deserve all those capital letters. It’s similar to scuba, which also started out as an acronym (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) but is now a common noun.

About that capitalization snafu

Ooops. It’s a snafu in this headline from Yahoo! News‘ “The Cutline”:

It was once an acronym, but snafu is now a common noun.

A weird snafu

 It doesn’t get much worse than this capitalization snafu on Yahoo! Shine:


It was once an acronym, but now snafu is a common noun.

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