Is this what an editor does?

What do you expect from a senior editor? Do you expect that she would be able to write grammatically correct English? Do you expect that she would be conscientious about spelling — verifying the spelling of words that a spell-checker can’t, like names? If that senior editor works for Yahoo! Shine, lower your expectations. She just doesn’t get the need for a verb to agree with its subject and a pronoun to agree with its antecedent:

The subject of that sentence is each; it’s singular. The verb should be is, not are. And each is the antecedent of the pronoun, which should be its, not their.

Obviously, the senior editor made no effort to spell these names right: Stacy Keibler (how do you misspell both her first and last name?), Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Bar Refaeli.

What do you expect from an editor?


Was that Stacy Keibler?

Was that Stacy Keibler on Yahoo! Movies? No, but it should have been:

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