It just got a lot humbler

The “humble” Tater Tot, a trademarked product from Ore-Ida, get a lot humbler with the lowercase treatment from Yahoo! Shine:

tater tot shine food


Someone seems confused

There seems to be some confusion over at the Yahoo! front page. It looks like the editors can’t remember when to capitalize words, like the trademarked Tater Tots:

The confusion extends to common nouns, which get treated as if they were proper nouns:

The new year isn’t special enough to deserve capital letters, but New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve are.

Spuds duds

Ugh! This article on Yahoo! Shine about spuds is a real dud.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it just seems to me that it contains the kind of errors that even a sixth-grader won’t make. Like this:

(If :you mean the legislative body of the U.S., then it’s Congress with a capital C.)

I dunno: Is it one new guideline or more than one? And why is Tater Tots treated like a common noun; it’s a trademark:

This is a real dud of a sentence. It’s complete nonsense. If you know anything about the writer, you know she has a limited grasp of English vocabulary. In this case, she didn’t mean supplemented; she meant substituted. I think.

Does she think that ‘taters is short for potaters and therefore requires an apostrophe?

Tater, used mostly in the southeastern part of the U.S.,  is actually a variant of potato.

Trademarked tasty Tater Tots trivialized

How could anyone trivialize the tasty Tater Tot by neglecting its capital letters?

It’s on Yahoo! Shine today, and it’s been mistreated in the past on Shine in the past. So why not again?

Teeny, tiny T’s in Tater Tots

That favorite of elementary school kids, the Tater Tot, is actually a registered trademark requiring a couple of big T’s:


Yahoo! Shine treats it like a generic spud, when we all know it is so much more than that.

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