Since when?

Since 2001 or 2003 or 2013 — just what year is the writer for Yahoo! Music referring to?

neilson music

It really doesn’t matter, because I don’t trust a writer who manages to misspell Nielsen two ways. He’s creative, but not credible.

You don’t mean that kind of A Test, do you?

To some old fogeys, an A Test involved a really big boom and a mushroom cloud.  I have no idea how that applies to a car stereo, but the writer for Yahoo! Music‘s “The Y! Radish” has made the connection:

The customer’s always right

If you could read a writer’s mind, what do you think you’d learn about the writer for Yahoo! Music‘s “The Y! Radish”?

Leasing space in the world’s religions

Leasing space in the world’s religions? Uh, yeah, that’s what this excerpt from Yahoo! Music says:

A key tenet in writing: Use the correct word. Another tenet? Proofread what you’ve written to avoid typos.

On an Easter hunt

I’ve gone on an Easter hunt, looking for a correctly capitalized version of the holiday. I didn’t find it on Yahoo! Music‘s “The Y! Radish” blog:

Mathematically wrong, objectively speaking

Let’s be objective about this, shall we? This is just wrong, wrong, wrong:

According to the author of the “The Y! Radish” blog on Yahoo! Music, his mathematical formula is objective. So why did the editor of this teaser call it subjective? Maybe for the same reason he or she misspelled mathematical — ignorance or indifference. Or both.

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