And then I wrote then

The Yahoo! Style writers seem to have problems with some common words. They’re more error-prone than the typical professional writer, often writing then when they mean than:


And then I wrote then

Writing is easier than you think — that is, if you think. The Yahoo! Style writer probably thought this was correct, but he was wrong:


What could be better than this?

You know what would make this sentence from Yahoo! Style better than it is?

fresher then sty

Using the correct word (than), that’s what.

Step 1: Stop reading

Here’s the first step involved in tying a bow tie. After reading this on Yahoo! Style, would you bother to read Step 2?

step 1 sty

The writer omitted one word and then used then instead of than. That’s more mistakes than I like in a single sentence.

If you’re not known for your writing…

If you’re not known for your writing, then at least don’t take a job as a professional writer. Unless you want to work for Yahoo! Style; then it’s totally OK.

than 4 then sty

What they make is mistakes

After reading this, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out what they’re making over at Yahoo! Makers:

airbourne diy

They’re making mistakes and not just one or two. They’re making four in a single sentence, three of which would be flagged by a common spell-checker. The writers make more mistakes per hour than any other writers on the Web.

(In case the writer is reading this, it should be airborne, toxins, than, and purifying.)

Write, then edit

What’s better than writing? Writing, and then editing. And maybe doing a little research. That’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style should have done:

oscar nom then sty

He might have mentioned that Ms. Blanchett is an Oscar-winning actress (and not just a nominee). And he might have figured out that she looked “more like the fairy godmother” than the stepmother. Maybe.

Are you brighter than this writer?

Are you brighter than the Yahoo! Style writer who confused then with than?

brighter then style

They never cease to fail

When in comes to quality writing, the scribes at Yahoo! DIY never cease to fail:

never ceases to fail

Why would anyone make cotton candy that is guaranteed to be a failure at wowing guests? What better way to show your carelessness than adding an unnecessary word to a common idiom or confusing then with than?

When it comes to writing errors, these folks never cease to amaze.

More than enough

Reading this on Yahoo! Style should have been more than enough to give me pause: Did I really want to continue reading?

mens jewel 1

In spite of that, I continued, only to discover a missing word (there should be an a between wearing and cool). Then a problem with the next sentence: I think the writer fidgeted with it a tad too much:

mens jewel 2

It seems that every day I wish that I hadn’t read something on Yahoo!, like this word that means “commonplace or ordinary”:

mens jewel 3

But I soldiered on. I wish the writer had, too, and that he tried to uncover an unnecessary word. Maybe he tried, but he doesn’t can’t find it:

mens jewel 4

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