Then better than than

Want grammatically correct writing? Then Yahoo! Shine is not for you:

than shine animals

And then I wrote ‘then’

Question: What’s better than this description on Yahoo! Shine?

then shine

Answer: This would be better than it is if the writer had used than instead of then. Then, it would have been correct.

Writer was more worried about appearance than grammar

Yahoo! has changed the appearance of its front page, but its content hasn’t gotten any better. It’s still loaded with grammatical errors, typos, misspellings, and wrong words:

fp then being

It seems that the writer was more worried about appearances than choosing the correct word.

Worse than normal

This is no worse than normal errors you’ll find on Yahoo!. This time it’s from Yahoo! Screen:

then normal

Completely grossed out

If the writer for Yahoo! TV’s “Daytime in No Time” thinks this is correct, then I am officially completely grossed out by her:

than dint

Mistaking words for a sentence

An editor who mistook a series of words for a sentence then published this on the Yahoo! front page:

If the writer omitted who and added a comma and the word and before the word then, it would be a complete and grammatically correct sentence.

A new record?

Is this a new record for Yahoo! Shine? One sentence, three goofs: than instead of then, a missing the, and break instead of brake.

Chances are your chances are awfully good

If you think that this is correct, then chances are you work for Yahoo! Shine:

Loose cannon

If you can’t stand homophonic errors, then you shouldn’t be reading Yahoo! Shine. Especially this:

This writer is a loose cannon, who can screw up something as simple as a book title. (Huck Finn is a character; the book is “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”)

I assume that the “cannon” she refers to is Christopher Cannon, the author of “The Grounds of English Literature.” But that makes no sense. This loose cannon doesn’t know the difference between a large weapon that fires large balls and a group of literary works (that would be a canon).

And then I wrote then

And then I wrote then when I should have written than:

From the mind of a writer for Yahoo! Shopping.

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