Worst place for a misspelling

It’s just not good journalism to misspell a subject’s name in a headline. But that’s what happened on Yahoo! Food:

theissen food hp

The TV personality is Tiffani Thiessen. At least the folks at Yahoo! spelled her first name correctly. There’s that.


Would you recognize these names?

Imagine you’re an editor for Yahoo! Shine (because heaven knows it needs one), how many of these names could you spell correctly?

paris hiton shine

Paris Hilton

michael welding shine

Michael Wilding

ursala andress shine

Ursula Andress

tiffany thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen

puff diddy shine

Puff Daddy or Diddy

This Justin!

We interrupt this post with an important message for all readers of Yahoo! Shine.  Please ignore the following words circled in red!

jb shine

We’re working to correct the spelling of Justin Bieber, Tiffani Thiessen and MuchMusic. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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