Take a cue from this writer

After reading this from Yahoo! DIY Makers, you’ll want to cue the really, really, really sad trombone sound:

queue diy

That’s a first for me! I’ve never seen that homophonic error before. Wah-wah.

It looks like Yahoo! has changed the name of the site from DIY to Makers. And it looks like they’re still making mistakes.

How’s that proofreading going? How’s that proofreading going?

It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. It’s not uncommon to see mistakes on Yahoo! DIY. Like repeated sentences. Like repeated sentences. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off. And sentences that never get an end because the writer nodded off.

ind wed diy

Kinda illustrates the need for proofreading, doesn’t it?

Picture this

Imagine people snapping up pictures of a mural. Don’t you wonder who took those pictures and how folks acquired them? The writer at Yahoo! DIY doesn’t offer us any hints:

snapped up diy

Well, that would be wrong. He offers us one hint: He included an extra word, changing the word for taking a photo (snapped) with an idiom for quickly acquiring something (snapped up).

Idle chatter?

I have no idea what the writer for Yahoo! DIY meant when she called Whittier, a small town in Alaska, an idyll:

idyll diy

Did she mean a poem or prose piece depicting a rural, idealized scene? A romantic interlude? What word would you have used? Me? Anything but idyll.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aka The Ashleys

Ouch! That’s one nasty misspelling of slouch on Yahoo! DIY, followed by one hilarious misidentification of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as “The Ashleys.”

sloouch style

What will those wacky DIY writers dream up next? Maybe Tia and Tamera Mowry will become “The Tias.” I think that’s “aunts” in Spanish, so that might actually work.

Proofreading — Writing’s most DIY doable trend

Proofreading — Writing’s most DIY doable trend.

If only that were the case at Yahoo! DIY, where proofreading, spell-checking, and dictionary-using are not now trends. Or even a concepts:

do-able diy

Writing a headline without a misspelling is totally doable. Totally.

The mistakes just keep snowballin’

When you’ve misspelled half the words in a headline, perhaps it’s time to hire a competent editor. That’s my advice to the people responsible for Yahoo! DIY, where frostbite and snowballs are both misspelled in what should be a four-word head:

frost bite diy

But wait! There’s more! Over at Yahoo! Style, there’s a little problem with Millennials:

millenials style

Clearly, Yahoo! doesn’t employ editors or proofreaders (at least any that can spell) and doesn’t know what a spell-checker is.

It takes up way too much gray matter

Matching a pronoun to the word it refers to uses too much gray matter for the writer for Yahoo! DIY:

hammocks it diy

The pronoun it can only refer to a singular noun, like, oh, say, maybe hammock. The careful writer (which is not the person who wrote this article), would have used they (and changed the verbs takes and makes to agree with it), or would have changed Hammocks to A hammock.

They never cease to fail

When in comes to quality writing, the scribes at Yahoo! DIY never cease to fail:

never ceases to fail

Why would anyone make cotton candy that is guaranteed to be a failure at wowing guests? What better way to show your carelessness than adding an unnecessary word to a common idiom or confusing then with than?

When it comes to writing errors, these folks never cease to amaze.

1 New Year’s Eve mistake you don’t have to make

Here’s one New Year’s Eve mistake from Yahoo! DIY that I’m sure you’ll avoid:

nye no apost diy

Don’t forget the apostrophe in Year’s. That’s it. You’re welcome.

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