Too much tequila?

Did the Yahoo! Food staffer hit the tequila before pounding out this?

affect food

Alcohol affects the brain; it’s an effect that’s not often good.


What’s its informal name?

In a bakery’s formal name is Babycakes, what do you suppose its informal name is? Baby? Cakes? The writer for Yahoo! Food, who I don’t think was formerly a student of common English words, has me a little confused:

formally food

Ha! The bakery is Erin McKenna’s Bakery; it was formerly known as Babycakes.

Children having kids

Children having children? That’s what this article on Yahoo! Food touts. At least the children are overjoyed:

children kids food

Is U.S. geography taught in schools?

When I was an elementary school student, back in the Dark Ages before Wikipedia and smartphones, I learned that New York City was made up of five boroughs and that one of those boroughs is Brooklyn. Did the writer for Yahoo! Food miss that lesson?

brooklyn food

Perhaps she meant Manhattan, not New York City. If so, that’s what she should have written.

Whom other than wrote that?

Who the heck wrote this?! Why, it’s none other than a Yahoo! Food writer, who seems to have a little problem with a common idiom:

whom other than food

Is that a cigarette or a derrière?

These cookies from Yahoo! Food sound yummy — chocolate, peanuts, and butts.

peanut butt food

Let’s talk turkey

I’ve heard of top dogs, top hats, top chefs, and Top Ramen, but I’ve never heard of a top turkey. What the heck did the writer Yahoo! Food mean?

top turkey food

Is this just another case of a Yahoo! writer getting an idiom wrong (not that I know what idiom that would be), or trying to be cute and failing?

Will Richard Blaise be a top finisher in the New York City Marathon?

If Richard Blais runs the New York City Marathon on November 24, he will probably be the last runner to cross the finish line:

nov 24 food

The marathon actually is today, Sunday November 2. I hope no entrants are relying on Yahoo! Food for race information.

Where did the familiar treats go?

I’m scratching my head and dusting the dandruff off my keyboard after reading this on Yahoo! Food:

fewer treats oreo food

I just can’t figure it out. If there are fewer treats more familiar than Oreos, where did the other familiar treats go? And what were they? I guess in the olden days, there were more treats that everybody knew about, but then some of them disappeared.

You’d think that there are few treats more familiar than Oreos, but you’d be wrong. At least according to Yahoo!.

French fried

What is it about words derived from French that trips up the writers at Yahoo!? When they’re not confusing a fiancé with a fiancée, they’re  misspelling trompe l’oeil or coup d’état or pâté de foie gras. At least this writer for Yahoo! Food spelled the word correctly. It’s just the wrong word:

tete-a-tete food

A tête-à-tête is a private conversation between two people, usually of an intimate nature. It’s not public. It’s not in writing. It’s not right in this context.

My advice to Yahoo!’s writers and editors: If the word contains funny little marks above a vowel, don’t use it. You will get it wrong.

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