What to do when a grammatical error makes you want to scream

I say scream, like I’m screaming right now at the editors at Yahoo! Health who can’t match a verb to a subject:

make you hea hp

Seriously, where did these people go to school? Didn’t they learn that when a compound subject is joined by the conjunction or, the verb must agree with the subject closest to it? That would be love and the verb should be makes.

Too bad!

This is too, too funny. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a writer use too when to is called for. But, someone at Yahoo! Health did just that:

too hea

This will be around for a while

Articles on Yahoo! Health tend to hang around the Internet for a while. That’s why a mistake like this can be so damaging: Innocent readers might think this is correct because the article was written by “editors”:

for awhile heal

It’s not correct because awhile is an adverb and only a noun or noun phrase (like a while) can be the object of a preposition. So, correct prepositional phrases include: in a while, for a while, and after a while.

There is one thing wrong

There is one thing wrong with this excerpt from Yahoo! Health. Can you spot it?

their is one thing health

Not a supporter of Lincoln Chafee?

In an article about the grammatical and spelling mistakes made by supporters of presidential candidates, the writer for Yahoo! Health shows she’s no supporter of Lincoln Chafee:

chaffee news

Seriously? How hard is it to copy a name when it’s right under your nose?

Were they straddling state lines?

Did the victims of those deadly caramel apples have their left foot in one state and their right foot in another state? Is that how it was possible to have five deaths in ten states, as reported by Yahoo! Health?

5 deaths

Not a good place for a misspelling

What could be worse than misspelling Barbra Streisand’s name in an interview with Barbra Streisand? Doing it in a giant headline, like this one on Yahoo! Health:

barbara health

Cuckoo coconut water advice

Anyone looking for advice on nutrition should steer clear of Yahoo! Health. Recommending a coconut water that supplies 70 calories in a 1-ounce serving (is that a thimbleful?) doesn’t seem like sound advice:

coconut water health

Most coconut waters have about 70 calories in a serving size that’a considerably bigger, by about 13 ounces.

Is that the back of a credit card?

If you turn your Visa card over, do you see its versa? So, behind every great credit card is a great versa. And vice versa. Or whatever:

visa versa health

And behind this paragraph from Yahoo! Health is one very embarrassed writer (one hopes).

Well, I never!

I wish I could say I’ve never seen anything like this, but I can’t. It’s just text that’s obviously longer than the space provided for it on yahoo.com:

fp you never

Makes you wonder if anyone at Yahoo! bothered to check this after it was published. Nah, it doesn’t really make me wonder, because I’m pretty sure nobody checks anything after it’s live. Like, I bet nobody at Yahoo! Health took the time to check out this headline about repercussioi of Mr. Depardieu’s something-or-other:

repercussio health

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