Reeling in a potential mate encounter

If you’re looking for tips on reeling in a potential mate encounter, and you actually know what that means, check out Yahoo! Personals:

mate encounter personals tips

Proofreaders’ plea: Use us!

Proofreaders and editors everywhere would love to see Yahoo! Personals use a bit more care when proofreading:

use personals tips

Who’s helped to proofread this?

Who’s responsible for proofreading over at Yahoo! Personals? Judging from this homophonous error? No one.

whose personals tips

Whose help is needed?

An editor who’s helped writers improve their communication skills is really what’s needed for this Yahoo! Personals article:


Whose is the possessive form of who or which. Who’s is a contraction of who is or who has.

Abandon all hope, ye who read this

The instructions for the Yahoo! Personals inquiry form has left me feeling hopeless about the future of the English language and those who try to use it:

Personal abuse

This Yahoo! Personals form to report harassment is abusing the English language:

In addition to the misspelling, there’s the random capitalization of words, the hyphen missing in adult-oriented, and apparently two ways to report “Personals Profile Other” — whatever that means.

However you write it

Online writing is fun; however, many people make the mistake of thinking that the word however is a conjunction when it’s used to mean “in spite of that, nevertheless, yet.” Yahoo! Personals makes that slip and slips in a hyphen where none is required:

In this case, however is an adverb and when it joins two independent clauses, it should be preceded by a semicolon and followed by a comma.

Karats is gold; carats is diamonds

I think the author of this snippet from Yahoo! Personals was thinking about diamonds, but was weighing in on gold:

A karat is used to measure the fineness of gold. The word the writer wants is carat — the unit of measure for diamonds. A 4-karat ring would be about 16% pure gold, but a 4-carat ring would be a rock.

Singles will help you find a mate

It’s great that single folks will help you increase your chances of finding a mate:

Maybe it’s only fitting that a dating tip from Yahoo! Personals would change person, from the third person (“singles”) to the second person (“your”). And the extra word doesn’t help this tangled mess.

Misplaced advice

This excerpt from an article on Yahoo! Personals promises that if a man follows the author’s techniques, he will be more communicative:

The sentence actually illustrates the misperception that a misplaced modifier can create. In reality, the article is about how a woman can get into a man’s head (apparently there’s enough room in there for visitors). The opening phrase actually modifies “you.” You’re the one who’s armed with the techniques and he’s just the innocent victim object of your affection.

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