Dumbest Statement of the Day

Today’s Dumbest Statement of the Day is made even dumber, given the fact that it appears on Yahoo! Politics, where writers should know something about politics:

retiring sen pol

Why would anyone campaign for a retiring senator? Because the writer left out some vital words: Ms. Ernst campaigned for Sen. Harkin’s seat. His seat. Not him.

From the e. e. cummings school of journalism

The writer of this headline on Yahoo! Politics either attended the e.e. cummings school of journalism or is using a keyboard with a broken Shift key:

parenthood washington news

Using lowercase letters for proper nouns like Planned Parenthood and Washington is the sort of thing you’d expect from a tween who thinks it’s cool to buck convention. It’s not what you’d expect from a website trying to gain respectability.

That’s a really special council

I’ve heard of a student council, a city council, the National Safety Council, and the Council of Trent. But I’ve never heard of Trump Organization special council, which apparently consists of just one person. That’s what it says on Yahoo! Politics:

council news

Michael Cohen, who is an attorney, is the sole person on the council; he’s also special counsel to Trump.

Lafayette shooting authorities had mental problems

In a startling revelation not reported by legitimate news media, the writer for Yahoo! Politics tells us that the “authorities” investigating the Lafayette theater shootings had their own mental health problems:

history of mental news

Oh, what a difference a dropped word can make!

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