What do cruisers hoard?

What do people on cruises hoard? The Yahoo! Travel writer teases us with that question, but doesn’t give an answer:

hoards trav

I can only imagine hordes of cruisers hoarding souvenirs and stashing them on buses.

Advice I’ll ignore

I find it easy to ignore this advice from Yahoo! Travel because I have no idea what it means:

at your own trav

You be frank, I’ll be earnest

Frankly, I think this spelling of Ernest Hemingway on Yahoo! Travel is the product of a writer who is either careless or really careless:

earnest tra

One little-known site you should visit

There are lots of websites to help you write better. There are sites for dictionaries and sites that will help you proofread better. My advice to the editors at Yahoo! Travel: You should visit one of them and study, study, study.

shoud tra

Can you out top this?

You’d think that it would be hard to screw up a simple verb like top. But the writer for Yahoo! Travel managed to do just that with the redundant and silly expression out top:

out top b honest tra

To be honest, that’s not the worst mistake in the article. The use of the letter b to stand in for an actual word tops that.

Dumbest statement of the day

To qualify for Dumbest Statement of the Day, a statement must be so obviously false that any reader can recognize it and anyone could easily and quickly verity it. This one comes from Yahoo! Travel, where the writer made up a new school:

arozpma stidemt trav

Anyone who reads that (except maybe Yahoo!’s editors and writers) would know that the school is actually Arizona State University.

More expert travel info

Just yesterday, a Yahoo! Travel writer told us that Chattanooga was in North Carolina and that megabits per second was a measure of time. Now, those wacky folks at Yahoo! Travel have made up a new airline:

kuwait airlines tra hp

There is no Kuwait Airlines. The airline in question is Kuwait Airways. That’s kinda different.

Your readers care

If you don’t think readers care about accuracy, think again. The readers of this nugget at Yahoo! Travel were a little surprised to learn that Chattanooga has moved from Tennessee to North Carolina:

no carolina trav

And a claim of “download time” here:

download times 2

and here:

download times 1

did not go unnoticed. (The abbreviation Mpbs is short for megabits per second. It is a measure of speed. Calling it a “download time” is like calling 40 mph a “driving time.”)

Here are two comments left by readers of the article:

“If you are going to write travel stories, you really ought to know your geography. Chattanooga is located in TENNESSEE, not North Carolina. This is the kind of accuracy we have come to expect from Yahoo!.”

“wow!! download TIMES of 32 Mbps… the brain-dead, idiotic “EXPERTS” from yahoo spew again…”

Need I say more?

Don’t worry about the Grand Canyon

If you read this on Yahoo! Travel, you might be wondering what state the Grand Canyon is in:

what state trav

Don’t you go worrying about the state of the Grand Canyon. I visited it two months ago and I can attest to its state. It’s fine. It’s still a big hole in the ground.

Now if you asked me which state it’s in, I’d have a different answer. Arizona.

Climate change: A hot topic

If you’re searching for reliable health information, authoritative information on climate change, or probably anything about travel, don’t go looking at Yahoo! Travel. If you do, you might encounter this ridiculous claim by a writer who has no business writing about the dangers of overheating:

hypothermia trav

Exposure to high temperatures can result in hyperthermia. Hypothermia is the result of exposure to extreme cold.

The readers of Yahoo! didn’t overlook that little mistake. They left a few comments for the writer:

“Does Yahoo ever research its topics?!”

“So it looks like next time Sophie Forbes (I wish I could tag her in this somehow) should do a little proof reading so she doesn’t look like a complete fool when millions of people see her article.”

“maybe an editor changed it………..of course i’m being sarcastic”

“What passes for editing in “journalism” today is nothing more than spellchecker.”

“This is all part of the charm of reading Yahoo.”

“My high school paper was better than yahoo by far.”

“Honestly, it’s almost impossible to take what this article has to say seriously when it can’t even get simple facts correct.”

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