Ya’ll laugh

Y’all take a look at this headline; y’all be embarrassed for the yahoo.com editor:

The Southern express y’all is a colloquial contraction of you and all. The misplaced apostrophe in ya’ll makes that a contraction of ya (or you) and will. Y’all got that?

Seriously, ya’ll love this

Seriously, ya’ll love this from Yahoo! Style:

yall sty

I can only assume the writer was trying for y’all, but slipped the apostrophe in the wrong place.

Ya’ll love this

Hey, y’all! Take a look at this headline from Yahoo! Style — I’m sure ya’ll love it:

yall sty hp

The Southern expression y’all is an contraction for ya (or you) all. The contraction ya’ll is short for you will.

Y’all are kidding yourself

When quoting someone, the folks at Yahoo! News’ “Trending Now” never fail to make the speaker look like an idiot by misspelling something. This time the writers seem to feel that ya’ll (which would be slang for “you will”) adequately expresses the speakers comments here:

yall 1

and here:

yall 2

The correct spelling for that Southern regionalism is y’all, a shortened form of “you all.”

Others who read that article noticed the misspelling, too, and commented:

Come on people! It’s “y’all”!

It’s “y’all”, not “ya’ll”. And don’t waste your time telling me any different.

If you don’t think readers don’t notice your mistakes, y’all are kidding yourself.

It’s Miley Cyrus, y’all!

Ya’ll enjoy this misplaced apostrophe on Yahoo! omg!:

yall omg

If y’all are trying to spell the Southern expression you-all, try y’all.  If you’re trying to spell a contraction of you will as if spoken by a Southern, try ya’ll.

Y’all come back real soon

Hey, y’all! Did you know that y’all is a contraction for you and all? It’s common in the southeast of the U.S. So, when ya’ll showed up on Yahoo! omg!, I was pretty sure that the writer was not a Southerner:

yall omg

The contraction ya’ll — if it even exists — is short for you will.

Your spelling is all wrong, y’all

Y’all didn’t get the punctuation right on Yahoo! Shine

What y’all wrote is a contraction of ya (or you) and will. That’s not y’all intended, is it?

What your writing says about you

What does your writing say about you? If you write for Yahoo! Shine, it says a lot. And most of it is not good.

Take this example from the site’s home page:

It says, “I have no idea how to use punctuation. And I don’t give a crap.”

More from the same page:


This says, “I still have no idea how to use punctuation, and I’m willing to settle for ‘close enough.'” Y’all is right about “close,” but for a professional writer, that shouldn’t be good enough.

Omitting an apostrophe in a possessive tells even more about you:

This says, “I still don’t give a crap about punctuation. Let the reader figure it out.”

Y’all take care now, ya hear?

Y’all take care to proofread what you’ve written, ya hear? Y’all don’t want to end up in a Hall of Fame for misspellers and miscapitalizers. You could find yourself right next to the person who wrote this on the Yahoo! front page:

yall fp

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