You’re wrong with your word choice

I really don’t believe that the writer for Yahoo! Finance doesn’t know the difference between you’re (which is a contraction of you are) and your (which is a possessive pronoun):


It’s the kind of mistake I’ll prone to make even though I know the difference and my writing is otherwise perfect. Nearly.


Not loving this

I’m not loving this typo and homophonic error on Yahoo! Style:

who loving sty

Your famous?

If you’re famous, you might be mentioned on Yahoo! Style, with a homophonic error:

your famous sty

Your kidding

Whether you’re having fun pointing fingers at Yahoo! Makers writers or merely shaking your head in disbelief, things are bound to get silly when you read this:

your having fun diy

Your wrong

When you’re a writer, you have to know your ass from your elbow about grammar and spelling. Except if you write for Yahoo! Makers, then you don’t even have to know the difference between a possessive pronoun (like your) and a contraction (like you’re):

youre arm diy

If you’re taste buds, what am I?

If you’re wondering why the writing on Yahoo! Makers is full of miserable misspellings, grammatical gaffes, and terrible typos, consider this: The editor in chief of the website isn’t any better at English than her staff:

youre taste diy

Your readers are sure to delight in this

If you’ve wondered why the writing on Yahoo! Makers is so amateurish and juvenile, take a look at this excerpt from an article written by the site’s editor in chief:

thanksgiving lc diy

She’s obviously a tad confused. She probably thinks that the word holiday should be capitalized, and not the name of the holiday. And she’s a little confused about you’re (which is short for you are) and your (which is the possessive pronoun).

Perhaps she just takes a very relaxed view about grammar and spelling and word usage. Perhaps that’s not a great attitude for an editor in chief.

About your writing

If you’re writing for Yahoo! Style, you should be careful about your word choice:

your daniel sty

On second thought, don’t worry. Nobody at Yahoo! cares about your word choice or about the quality of your writing. Just be thankful you have a job.

About your mistake

Maybe if you’re agitated or nervous you make the same mistake as this Yahoo! Makers writer:

your agitated

I really don’t think professional writers don’t know the difference between your (meaning belonging to you) and you’re (a contraction of you are). I think it’s just a careless mistake, right? Right?

As you’re writing your article…

As you’re writing your blog post, Facebook comment, or senior thesis, be sure to use the correct words. You don’t want to look like this writer for Yahoo! Makers:

your protecting diy

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