Michael Bay transformed

“Transformers” director Michael Bay gets a little transformation in a big headline on Yahoo! Movies:

bay 1

How embarrassing. But that’s not the only thing this writer should be red-faced about. By now we know that proofreading isn’t necessarily her forte:

bay 2

Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if English is her forte. Perhaps she should consider another line of work, like peddling dictionaries door-to-door. She might actually open one and learn the difference between peddle and pedal:



Military units, glasses-wearing Oreos, and potential wrong

One writer, one article, lots of amusing gaffes. This must be Yahoo! Shine:

Some are minor, like neglecting the camel-case in YouTube. Others would embarrass any writer who takes pride in her work:

(A regiment is a military unit of ground troops or a  large group of people. A regimen is a system intended to promote health or other beneficial effect.)

A bad headpiece includes a hyphen. Not such a gross error. But an Oreo cookie wearing glasses? Brilliant!

(That’s actually a dangling participle — wearing is the participle (or verb acting as an adjective) and it’s dangling because the noun it’s supposed to modify is nowhere in sight. Instead, it appears to modify the noun following the participial phrase “wearing the glasses.”)

The eyes, it seems, are a single window:

And extraneous words are the essentially the same as unnecessary words:

So, let’s get to the point: This article sucks. It has its potential grammatical uses — but only as an example of what not to do.

It would be better on YouTube

What’s better than an Elvis video on youtube? An Elvis video on YouTube. But the senior features editor for Yahoo! Shine prefers the lowercase (and incorrect) youtube:

The editor, who has a predilection for omitting words (like the indefinite article a) and misspelling words (like racquetball), loves to use words that make no sense in context:

(Unless the bacon has been Osterized, it wasn’t slathered on anything.)

She’s also quite the wit. I get that Elvis was “donning a seam-bursting jumpsuit” — but how did he don an entourage of musicians? I’m ROFL just thinking about it:

Just to prove that she prefers her own way of capitalizing YouTube, the editor finishes the article with two of her own creations:

How lucky this editor is! She works for an employer that allows her to choose her own spelling, capitalization, and word usage. Still I prefer YouTube to youtube You, too?

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