That makes no sense

I sense a homophonic error on Yahoo! TV. Could it be that the writer really doesn’t know the difference between a sensor and a person who bleeps out sweary words?

sensors tv

Yup.  I swear that’s the most fucked-up (strike-through courtesy of TW censors) mistake I’ve seen today.

Censoring motion

The best way to describe this paragraph on Yahoo! Shine is awkward. And wrong:

rain 1

If a motion censor detects your presence, it’s gonna stop you in your tracks. Of course, it might take the use of a motion sensor to detect your presence, which might pass the info on to the censor.

There’s no need for the hyphens here:

rain 2

Hyphens are used in expressions like “13-year-old,” but not “13 years old.” It’s like the difference between writing “2-foot-long snake” and “a snake 2 feet long.”

I’m pretty sure if the man was proposing, he’d have an engagement in his pocket. But I could be wrong:

rain 3

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