Would that be a Kaiser or onion roll?

White privilege has played a roll, according to Yahoo! Style:

I’m just wondering what kind of roll it was. Was it a Kaiser roll, an onion roll, or an egg roll? I’m also wondering if an editor played a role in this homophonic hilarity.

Was it a Kaiser or egg roll?

What kind of roll did Bernie Sanders have at the Democratic National Convention? A Kaiser roll? An egg roll? Maybe it was a bagel. We’ll have to ask the person at Yahoo! News whose role is headline writer:

bernies roll news hp

Was that Parker House or Kaiser?

What kind of roll was poor Steven Kolb in for ten years? An egg roll? A Parker House roll? A Kaiser roll?

in the roll sty

Only the writer for Yahoo! Style knows. Or maybe her editor knows. Oh, yeah, I forgot: Yahoo! doesn’t employ anyone in that role.

What role would that be?

It looks like the “news editor” over at Yahoo! Style is on a roll — when picking a homophone, she always picks the wrong one:

role style lt

What role would that be?

If Gigi Hadid is on a role, what role would that be? Juliet? Ophelia? We’ll have to ask the Yahoo! Style “news editor”:

on a role sty

When it comes to making writing mistakes, this gal is on a roll.

What role does toilet paper play in your life?

Isn’t the role of toilet paper generally the same in every household and restroom? What role did the Yahoo! Style writer mean when she wrote about a roll of bathroom tissue?

role of tp sty

Let’s roll!

The person playing the role of a writer for Yahoo! Movies came up with this gem:

speaking roll mov

This is a speaking roll:

speak roll

Actors who talk have speaking roles.

Was it a Parker House?

I love me some Parker House rolls. They’re small rolls, invented by a cook at the Parker House Hotel in Boston. So, I’m wondering if that’s the small roll that this writer for Yahoo! Style is referring to:

roll sty

I’m also pondering the possibility that a small roll somehow played a role in the “model-turned-actress” scoring a small role in a movie.

Would that be egg, Kaiser, or Parker House?

What kind of roll did Rachel Frederickson’s past play? An egg roll? Or maybe a Kaiser or Parker House roll? Jeez, I wish the writers for yahoo.com would be more specific:

fp roll

Perhaps if someone working at the Internet giant played the role of an editor, we wouldn’t be faced with these gnawing questions.

What’s a role call?

Hamlet! Willy Loman! Blanche DuBois! Those are three of the most famous roles in the theater. I guess you could call it a role roll call. Or, if you’re as confused by homophones as the writer for Yahoo! Movies, you’d call it a role call:

role call movies

A roll call is “the reading aloud of a list of names of people, as in a classroom or military post, to determine who is present or absent.” And that’s what the writer meant.

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