Who’s responsible for this?

Who’s responsible for this gaffe on Yahoo! Style?

\whos dresses sty

Whose mistake is it? Who doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction of who is or who has?

Won followed by another

Here’s one major gaffe from Yahoo! Style, followed by a complete headscratcher:

won sty

Why do Yahoo! writers and editors have so much trouble with forming the possessive of a plural noun? It’s simple: coworkers is the plural; coworkers‘ is the possessive.

Leather goods not moving

Is there an unnecessary comma here on Yahoo! Style?

stationary sty

I think the writer is referring to stationary leather goods — leather goods that don’t move and just hang around. I think. Unless the writer was referring to writing paper, envelopes and other kinds of stationery. That could be.

Would that be an Alp?

Wouldn’t it be great if the writers for Yahoo! Style were familiar with basic English expressions? Then, we wouldn’t be subjected to mysterious word usage like this:

stems around sty

Did the writer mean “stems from”? If that has you confused, that a peek at this:

sneak peak sty

What peak is she referring to? An Alp?

Your readers are sure to delight in this

If you’ve wondered why the writing on Yahoo! Makers is so amateurish and juvenile, take a look at this excerpt from an article written by the site’s editor in chief:

thanksgiving lc diy

She’s obviously a tad confused. She probably thinks that the word holiday should be capitalized, and not the name of the holiday. And she’s a little confused about you’re (which is short for you are) and your (which is the possessive pronoun).

Perhaps she just takes a very relaxed view about grammar and spelling and word usage. Perhaps that’s not a great attitude for an editor in chief.

What did you pour?

Are you wondering what the writer for Yahoo! Beauty poured through the guides on Goop?

pour thru bea

Me neither. I can’t imagine what it would be. Me? I’d just pore through them — reading them carefully.

Who’s responsible for that?

Who’s responsible for this goof on Yahoo! Makers? Whose name is in the byline?

whos name diy

It’s not short for addvertisement

An advertisement is often called an ad, except on Yahoo! Style:

add sty

Let me add one observation: The “super rapey” ad isn’t even an advertisement. It’s a page in a catalog. So, the writer not only got a fact wrong, but also misspelled it. Smart.

When everyone is wrong

I urge each and every one of you to ask yourself, “Am I a better writer than this Yahoo! Style hack?”

everyone one of you sty

If you know that everyone should be used wherever you can use everybody, and that every one (two words) should be used when you mean each one, then you’re doing better than this writer.

One key principle to writing

Here’s one key principle to writing: If you don’t have a competent editor, be your own editor. Oh, and another principle: Learn the difference between principle and principal. That’s a lesson lost on this Yahoo! Food writer:

principals foo


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