Alter that word

Even if this Yahoo! Style writer had used the correct word in this paragraph, it would still be a hot mess:

alter sty

We all know she should have used altar, not alter (which means “to change,” but you knew that, too). But the rest of that ‘graph is complete idiocy, making no sense. Don’t bother reading it. It will only infuriate you, especially if you consider that the writer only had to synthesize a published article and she gets paid to write this crap.

Was it an Alp?

What kind of peak is a sneak? An Alp? Take a sneak peek at this Yahoo! Style and you decide:

sneak peak sty

Where errors reign

Someone needs to take over the editorial reins of Yahoo! Style and teach those young’uns the difference between reign (which means “to exercise power” or “to be predominant”) and reins (“a means of restraining or directing”):

take over reigns sty

It’s never too late to learn English

Some advice to the people responsible for the words on It’s never too late to start learning English:

fp to late

Two reasons

Here are two of the best reasons to proofread, illustrated by Yahoo! Celebrity:

to celeb

One reason to proofread? If you don’t correct your mistakes, you could be confusing your readers. Another reason? If your writing contains an error, you look like an idiot and your readers will notice. Here’s what one reader commented:

“and he’s given me to of the best blessings I could possibly imagine.” ‘To’? Really? Yahoo Celebrity writers suck at proof reading.

Embossed and not moving

Confused about what to call writing paper? Is it stationary or stationery? If the writer for Yahoo! Style had thought about it, he might have come up with the correct homophone. If a company called Terrapin Stationers produces paper, then it might be called stationery:

stationary sty

Dress to hair: I love your color

If Beth Ditto’s dress could talk, it would probably tell her hair: Oooh, I love your color. It is so fiery red. If the dress also went well with that color, it would complement it. Which do you suppose the Yahoo! Style editor meant?

compliments sty

What do trade show attendees hoard?

That trade show sounds kinda chaotic. With attendees bringing their hoards, there’s probably little room for exhibits:

hoards diy

At least that’s what Yahoo! Makers says. Can you imagine how crowded it would be if there were hordes of attendees schlepping their hoards?

Building charging stations one at a time

According to Yahoo! Makers, you can get wireless charging stations that are built in, one at a time:

discretely diy

That’s what it says, but what the writer meant was they’re discreetly built in, so that they’re not noticeable.

How many can you find?

Here’s a fun game brought to you by Yahoo! Makers. How many homophonic errors can you find in a single article on the site? It’s really not hard to spot the pales instead of pails:

palettes diy 0

Searching for homophones, you’ll pass a totally random comma, followed by a totally random capitalized Chief. The split backyard isn’t the worst mistake you’ll come across on the way to the palettes that should be pallets.

palettes diy 1

You might not notice this (but I did): That paragraph claims the article was written by someone working for Katie Brown. But one look at the article’s byline says otherwise:

palettes brown

Oopsie. Don’t you love it when you catch a writer in a lie?

Back to our homophone hunt: Passing the now one-word backyard, you’re bound to find an error that even your kids can spot:

palettes diy 11

Overlooking the incorrectly capitalized plywood, you’ll find another palettes:

palettes 22

This is where you’ll find the next homophonic horror, a confusion of where for wear:

palettes diy 3

Holy moley, there’s another palettes and a comma where a semicolon belongs:

palettes diy 4

One more palettes? This has got to be the last:

palettes diy 5

Nope. There’s one more and a little advice, which I take to mean “pallets that are the same height”:

palettes diy 6

How many did you find? I found these four: Pales/pails. Palettes/pallets. You’re/your. Where/wear. What about you?


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