Going through a phase

Is the writer for Yahoo! Parenting going through a phase? She doesn’t seem fazed by this homophonic horror:

phased parent

To older siblings

When is one error two? When it’s on Yahoo! Style and it’s to, not two:

to sty

There’s a lesson here

What would you teach a skin? And how would you do it? Until I read this on Yahoo! Style, I never would have believed that skin can be taught:


(Just in case the writer is reading this, the word is taut.)

When the heroine is an addict

Can a movie character be both a heroine and an addict? Apparently, yes. At least according to Yahoo! Style editors:


Not trying too hard

In this article written by Yahoo! Style “editors,” it seems that no one is trying too hard to make sure Anna Wintour’s name is spelled correctly and that the correct homophone is used:

wintout to hard sty

Outta sight!

That’s quite a familiar sight on Yahoo! Makers:

site diy

Makers is a site that frequently contains incorrect words. That’s just one more.

Alter that word

Even if this Yahoo! Style writer had used the correct word in this paragraph, it would still be a hot mess:

alter sty

We all know she should have used altar, not alter (which means “to change,” but you knew that, too). But the rest of that ‘graph is complete idiocy, making no sense. Don’t bother reading it. It will only infuriate you, especially if you consider that the writer only had to synthesize a published article and she gets paid to write this crap.

Was it an Alp?

What kind of peak is a sneak? An Alp? Take a sneak peek at this Yahoo! Style and you decide:

sneak peak sty

Where errors reign

Someone needs to take over the editorial reins of Yahoo! Style and teach those young’uns the difference between reign (which means “to exercise power” or “to be predominant”) and reins (“a means of restraining or directing”):

take over reigns sty

It’s never too late to learn English

Some advice to the people responsible for the words on yahoo.com: It’s never too late to start learning English:

fp to late


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