Was it matched up with feathers?

If something is “paired down,” does that mean it was matched up with feathers? No, it means that the Yahoo! Style writer doesn’t know the difference between pair (which means to join or match in a set or pair) and pare (which means to reduce or trim).

paired down sty

Girls Scouts are not a group of singers

This writer for Yahoo! Style probably doesn’t know that Girl Scouts are not a group of touring dancers, actors, or other entertainers. That would be a troupe of girls. Girls Scouts are organized into troops:

troupe sty

You sing chords

Even though you may sing chords, you don’t use your vocal chords. They’re vocal cords and that’s what the writer Yahoo! Style should have written:

vocal chords sty

Rein it in!

When will the writers for Yahoo! Makers rein in their errors? When will they learn the difference between rein (which means to control or restrain) and reign (which is what a monarch does)?

reigning it in diy

That right is wrong

There ought to be a rite of passage that a person has to go through in order to write for a site with millions of readers like Yahoo! Style.

right of pass sty

Unfortunately, just about anyone with a third-grade education seems qualified for that job. A fourth grader would know that right isn’t right and that rite is.

Is the stress of writing taking its toll?

Is stress taking its toll on this Yahoo! Makers writer? Does that account for her homophonic error?

tole diy

Tole is “a lacquered or enameled metalware, usually gilded and elaborately painted” like this tole tray:

tole tray

Do not give this writer free rein

Everyone makes mistakes. Even the best writers. And no writer working on a site as widely read as Yahoo! Makers should be given free rein to write without the benefit of an editor.

free reign diy

Giving writers free rein means that they can work unrestrained; giving them free reign means that they can rule the world without charge.

Justin Bieber in gold broth threads?

Who knows what that is? That’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style asks about “gold bouillon thread”:

bouillon sty

She’s paid to write about fashion, and she doesn’t know? Actually, she has no clue. Bouillon is a clear broth, not usually associated with either gold or thread. Bullion is a gold thread used in embroidery.

And now my interest is piqued

This really piqued my interest. I couldn’t believe the mistake on Yahoo! Makers and I wondered if the writer even knew that piqued was a real word:

peaked diy

Who is the real principal culprit?

Who’s the principal culprit in this horrendous word usage on the Yahoo! front page?

fp principle

Is it the writer, who doesn’t know that principle refers to a truth, law, rule, standard, or tenet? Or the editor (if there is one) who doesn’t know that as an adjective principal means “leading, chief, first, or highest ranking”?


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