Where mistakes reign

Some editor should take the reins over at Yahoo! Style, where homophonic mistakes reign:

reigns sty

In the same article, another caption came bearing yet another assault on the language:

baring gifts sty

Unless Ms. Perry was unwrapping the gifts for Ms. Clinton, the correct word is bearing.

Don’t worry about it, honey

According to this article on Yahoo! Style, men feel threatened by smart women. Well, the woman who wrote the article doesn’t seem like she’s a threat to anyone:

have any baring sty

Do you think her inability to use correct words should have any bearing on how people perceive her intelligence?

I can’t bear it any longer

You tell me: How could a dress with a big fat cutout in the middle hold up a model’s ab? And why does she have only one abdominal muscle? Yahoo! Style has me so confused; I just can’t bear it any more:

ab-bearing sty ab-bearing sty pic

At least the model is cute, abs-baring dress and all.

Uncovering the quote

Holy moley. In what universe is the pronoun its correct in this sentence from Yahoo! Style?

its baring sty

What does it refer to? newbie? tools? I think the writer meant tools and just didn’t recognize it as a plural noun requiring the plural pronoun their. It’s a careless oversight, just like using the wrong closing quotation mark.

I’m calling T-shirts baring a quote total BS. T-shirts don’t bare quotes, though they’ve been known to bear them.

This bears no resemblance to the correct word

Unless Abercrombie & Fitch are stripping down to their skivvies, this bears only the slightest resemblance to the correct word on Yahoo! Style:

bare sty

Can a dress hold up a leg?

Can a dress hold up a leg? I know that’s a stupid question — almost as stupid as this homophonic error on Yahoo! Style:

leg-bearing sty

Duchess of Cambridge: Baring all!

I can’t bear the thought of the Duchess of Cambridge revealing a bit of skin. So unlike her. She returned from vacation, grinning and baring something. Was it a tan? A bit of cleavage? No one knows except the writer for Yahoo! Style:

bared it

Supporting Taylor Swift’s midriff

Does it take the magic of smoke and mirrors during Taylor Swift’s performances to hold up her midriff? Just wondering what the writer for Yahoo! Style was watching when the rest of the world was watching Ms. Swift’s midriff-baring costumes:

midriff-bearing style

Know won wood right sew pourly

These eras halve two bee scene too bee believed.

Due ewe no the difference between bite and byte? The writer four Yahoo! News doesn’t:

bytes news

Eye think an editor is kneaded to rain inn the gaffs on Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally”:

reining sports pr

and on Yahoo! omg!:

bare for bear omg

This whirred on Yahoo! Shine has a hole different meaning from the write whirred:

stationary shine

and sew does this won:

pair shine

Endeavour to spell it correctly

In an article about former astronaut Mae Jemison, the Yahoo! Shine writer manages to misspell her name. But that’s not the only word she has trouble spelling:

jemison 1

Jemison served in the Peace Corps (corp is an abbreviation for corporation). She is an African American (which is spelled — this time — sans hyphen). She was a science mission specialist (which doesn’t require capital letters) on the Endeavour (a spelling that is more common in Great Britain than in the U.S.).

Apparently the writer thinks she knows how to spell the name of the shuttle, because she misspelled it again. I guess we shouldn’t expect her to notice a missing word, or to be consistent about writing African American (this time she’s hyphenated it), or realize that astronaut program isn’t a proper noun:

jemison 2

Perhaps that’s the best she can do. Perhaps she brought all her talents to bear and still produced content that would embarrass the editor of a high school newspaper:

jemison 3

So, she doesn’t know when to use bare and when to use bear. No biggie. A lot of people have that problem (especially if they write for Yahoo!). But couldn’t she see the double will? Couldn’t she try to be consistent? (Now astronaut program is devoid of capitals.) The rest of that paragraph is a real mystery to me. Grammatically speaking, she doesn’t seem able to match a verb (which should be exist) with its subject (which is capabilities). And most house styles would recommend that a number greater than nine be written in numerals. But I quibble.


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