How to tell if you need a vacation

I think the writer for Yahoo! Makers needs a little vacation. Maybe just a little getaway to help her relax. Perhaps she’d spend a little time with a dictionary and learn to spell some common words and rid herself of her obsession with hyphens:

get-a-way diy

This had me in stitches

If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I’ve seen some very simple words misspelled on Yahoo!. But I’ve never seen cross-stitch misspelled anywhere. And I mean anywhere. But here it is on Yahoo! Shopping, where the writer can’t spell stitch to save her life, can’t decide if cross-stitch should be hyphenated (it should) and overlooked a missing hyphen in 4-inch:

cross stich sho

Where mistakes reign

Those wacky Yahoo! Style staffers are at it again. This time they demonstrate that mistakes reign when writing about a 75-year-old (it requires two hyphens):

handing reigns sty

Maybe next time they’ll hand the reins over to someone who understands English.

Not a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer

With this many mistakes in a single sentence, it’s a safe bet that this Yahoo! Style writer won’t be winning any journalism prizes:

emmy-award sty

I gotta give her credit for trying to use a hyphen, though she got that wrong. It should be Emmy Award-winning. It’s downhill from there: that was featured should be who were featured. Although it’s not grammatically incorrect to refer to human beings with that, it is considered impolite; that’s why she should have used who. And was featured is grammatically horrific since its subject is powerhouses. Finally, we have women in the TV, which may sound correct to those learning English. To the rest of us, it’s the worst.

What’s with this editor?

The last time the Yahoo! Style “news editor” wrote about Charles de Gaulle Airport, she screwed it up with a bunch of random hyphens. Well, she hasn’t learned a thing in the last few months. She’s at it again:

charles-de-gaulle sty

Perhaps this woman doesn’t know that Charles de Gaulle was an actual human being and that his name does not contain hyphens, and other human beings do not get to change the spelling of his name.

You can’t make this stuff up

Why on earth did the editors at give Antwaan Randle El’s name a hyphen?

fp randle-el

Really, if you want to consider yourself a legit journalist, you can’t go around making up the spelling of a name or giving names random hyphens.

Hyphen happy

The editors at went a little hyphen happy when writing about a Hall of Fame career:

fp hall-of-fame

There’s absolutely no reason to hyphenate Hall of Fame. It’s a proper noun, and even if it’s used as an adjective, it doesn’t have hyphens any more than “a Ralph Lauren sweater” or “a Donald Trump toupee” requires a hyphen.

Nonviolent crime against English

It’s a nonviolent crime against the English language on Yahoo! Celebrity:

had commit cel

If someone at a real news site had committed those errors, they would have been hauled off to the grammar slammer.

Just throw it anywhere

Proving that she has no regard for punctuation or accuracy, this Yahoo! Style writer just throws the marks in willy-nilly:

rachel-wood sty

Did she really think that Evan’s last name was Rachel-Wood? Or did she just not care that her name is Evan Rachel Wood? Obviously she didn’t bother to check the title of the film “Dallas Buyers Club,” preferring to just throw in an apostrophe.

That is an incredible thank-you

The only thing incredible about this on is the ignorance of the editors who don’t know that the noun thank-you needs a hyphen:

fp thank you 2


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