Someone should go back to school

Someone (or maybe some two) should go back to school and figure out if back to school should be hyphenated when it’s used as an adjective. ‘Cause these folks at just can’t figure it out:

fp back-to-school

That looks kinda like this, except different:

fp back to school

It really just takes a few minutes to make a decision and communicate it to others to fix this mess. Don’t hold your breath.

‘Downton Abbey’: Not as popular as you think

You may have thought that the wildly popular British drama “Downton Abbey” was known throughout the English-speaking world. But there’s at least one English speaker who’s unfamiliar with the show. Unfortunately, that person writes for

fp downtown abbey

Didn’t go to school in the U.S.?

People outside the United States just don’t understand the names we give to each year in a high school or college. They can’t always remember that freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are the four years of education. So, maybe if the writer isn’t from the U.S., he or she doesn’t know that a student in the third year of college is a junior, not a junior student:

fp junior student

A $100 suit isn’t so bad

I’m not sure why a $100 suit is considered news at the Yahoo! front page:

fp 100 dollar suit

If it’s such a big deal, I’ll write a check to A-Rod right now.

How how do you make a mistake like that?

How how do you make a mistake like this and how how do you miss it when you proofread?

fp how how

Oh, yeah, I forgot. The people who write for the Yahoo! front page don’t believe in proofreading before publishing. That’s how how.

She’s not a Timex

Timex watches are known for the slogan “they take a licking and keep on ticking.” Despite what you might read on, Carly Fiorina is not a Timex:

fp ticking

Holly Bailey did not say that about the GOP candidate. This is the actual headline:


Somebody needs to teach those writers how to read.

Can there be two GOP front-runners?

Only on the Yahoo! front page can you find two front-runners. There’s this one with a hyphen:

frp front-runner

and this one without a hyphen:

fp frontrunner

Either one is correct (although the American Heritage Dictionary prefers front-runner). What’s not correct is using both spellings.

What is an aquifier?

What’s an aquifier? I’d guess it was something that aquifies. Or it’s a misspelling of aquifer, found on the Yahoo! front page:

fp aquifiers

Typo typo you won’t believe

No explanation is necessary (or even possible) for this embarrassment on the Yahoo! front page:

fp baby baby

Totally random words

From the Refrigerator Magnets of the Web style of writing, we are privileged to read these random words thrown against a kitchen appliance and then published on the Yahoo! front page:

fp heal your skin

Good to know. I think.


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