How many jobs?

Huh? How many jobs could disappear, according to

fp million of

There’s no way of knowing because million of should be either million or millions.

Pesky little typos. Always screwing things up for the reader.

Two seconds is too much

The eagle-eyed editors at the Yahoo! home page need to remove the second seconds and keep the first seconds, or remove the first seconds and keep the second seconds:

fp seconds

You could use an advisor

There’s at least one person writing for who could use a little advice:

fp tripadviser

If you can’t hold the spelling of a name (like TripAdvisor) in your brain long enough to pound it on a keyboard, copy it and paste it into your text.

Engendering confusion

Is Donald Trump’s lawyer a man or a woman? Or a transgender? It’s so confusing to read about a confidante and his response on the Yahoo! front page:

fp confidante

Dictionaries define a confidante as a confidant (as especially a female) or strictly a female in whom one confides. Since confidant does not imply a gender, that’s the word to use for either a man or a woman.

Newly released hyphen use

I lied. This use of the hyphen on the Yahoo! front page is not new; in fact, this mistake happens every day on Yahoo!:

fp newly-released 2

There’s no reason to put a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word that it modifies. The suffix -LY is the signal to the reader that the adverb modifies the word that follows it.

Someone should apologize for this

Someone at the Yahoo! front page should apologize to readers for this misspelling:

fp apoligizes

Can you vote for ‘top snubs’?

I’m so confused by this sentence on the Yahoo! front page. What the heck would I be voting for?

fp snubs who

It took me a few readings to realize that snub was used as a noun and that the writer thinks it means someone who is he victim of a slight. It’s an original definition of the word. So, if I vote for my “top snubs,” then I’m not snubbing the baseball players, am I? What the heck does this all mean?

Will this produce reader pushback?

Readers of might consider a little pushback when it comes to the Internet giant’s policy of refusing to proofread or edit its content. Maybe then it would eliminate repeated words and arbitrary hyphens in words like pushback:

fp push-back 2

But is pushback, even if spelled correctly, the right word? Probably not. It means a resistance or opposition to something, like a policy, plan, or strategy. What Macy’s is doing competing with Amazon or responding to Amazon.

Mad Libs of the Internet

It’s time for another round of Mad Libs of the Internet where you, the reader, must supply the missing word or words. This time the pranksters at have left out a verb:

fp doesnt big

I think this should be “Erin Allard doesn’t hunt big bucks.” What’s your suggestion?

Try to keep up

In July 2013, rapper Jay Z announced he was dropping the hyphen from his name. The journalistic brain trust at still hasn’t gotten the memo:

fp jay-z jj


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