You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we’re treated to the indecision of Yahoo! editors as to the correct spelling of air strike (or is it airstrike?):

fp airstrikes air strikes

The American Heritage Dictionary prefers airstrike, although air strike is also acceptable. So just pick one and go with it.

Take a picture of yourself

You don’t take a picture of you, you take a picture of yourself. Why? Because in a grammatically correct sentence, we use a reflexive pronoun (like yourself, herself, ourselves) when the pronoun refers to the subject of the sentence. In a grammatically incorrect sentence, such as this from the Yahoo! front page, anything goes:

fp photo of her

The editors should chastise themselves for not correcting that sentence: The “Glee” star paired a photo of herself and Ryan Dorsey with a graphic.

Guilty as charged

Those writers and editors at the Yahoo! front page should just plead guilty to crimes against the language with this attempt at “domestic violence charges”:

fp violent

No dissension here

There can be no dissension among readers of the Yahoo! front page: This is just another example of a misspelled word that could have been prevented by a spell-checker or competent proofreader:

fp dissention

This may take require a proofreader

Welcome to writing in the 21st century, where the Yahoo! front page may take (or require) a proofreader to clean up the errors:

fp may take require

Did you not see it coming?

Were the editors at the Yahoo! front page caught totally off-guard? Did they not know about the combine, the National Football League’s showcase of college players? It seems that way. Surely if they knew it was coming, they would have agreed to treat it as a proper noun:

fp combine uc

Or maybe as a common noun:

fp combine lc

Disappearance of correct grammar

The disappearance of correct grammar on the Yahoo! front page has heightened concerns about the state of the language:

fp have heightened

The inability of a professional writer or editor to match a verb (which should be has heightened) to a singular subject (disappearance) says a lot about Yahoo!’s commitment to quality.

‘Suburban Funk’ parody parodied?

“Suburban Funk” is a parody of “Uptown Funk.” Now, takes the parody a step further with this “Surburban Funk”:

fp surburban

It’s either a parody or a typo. You be the judge.

Was he chewing the menus?

Imagine binging on a restaurant. Where would you start? Would you start chewing the menus or devouring the place mats? I just can’t decide. Maybe we should ask Jack King, who binged on his favorite restaurant, according to

fp binged on

It all sounds overwhelming. I think I’ll just stick to binging at my favorite restaurant where I can binge on by favorite foods.

Trying channeling a writer

The typist for the Yahoo! front page should try channeling a legitimate writer — someone familiar with common modern idioms:

fp tries to channel

Just as a medium channels a person who has moved on, Marvin Bagley could be said to be channeling Victor Oladipo — not what he “pulled off.”


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