‘Crazy punctuation’: Who wrote that?

Somebody at yahoo.com probably misunderstood a punctuation rule when it comes to quotation marks:


In the U.S., commas and periods go before a closing quotation mark. (In other English-speaking countries, they go after the quotation mark.) But, regardless of country, two punctuation marks never go before a closing quotation mark: Colons and semicolons.

What month would you select?

What month would you select in the Dylann Roof trial? According to yahoo.com, a July selection begins in the trial.


But what is the selection for? Personally, I’d prefer to see a jury selection start now for Mr. Roof’s trial.

Can you spot it?

Can you spot the misspelling from yahoo.com?


The white dog with the spots is a Dalmatian. The breed is named after Dalmatia, an area on the Adriatic Sea.

Oh no she didn’t

Despite what you might read on yahoo.com, the model in question did not tip over during a fashion show:


As the article and videos attest, she was wobbly, but never fell. This just illustrates — again — the importance of hiring writers who can actually read and who are familiar with common English verbs.

It’s not a rare occurrence

A misspelled word is not a rare occurrence on yahoo.com:


Not a high school graduate?

Doesn’t every high school graduate know that the pronoun who refers to human beings? Apparently not. There must be colleges that accept applicants who don’t know that and at least one editor at yahoo.com who’s unaware of the rule:

fp colleges who

Is Yahoo anti-Republican?

Is this a political statement from the editors at yahoo.com? Are they so anti-Republican that they won’t even recognize the party as a proper noun?

fp republican lc

Talk about abrupt!

If there’s anything in this world that is abrupt, it’s this sentence on yahoo.com:

fo abrupt of

I think it’s like the word game Mad Libs, except readers are supposed to supply the missing word or words. So, gimme a noun and we’ll plug it into “the abrupt noun of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.”

Capital punishment

Stop. comparing. me. to. an. editor.

That could have been written by the editor at yahoo.com who isn’t clear when to capitalize mother:

fp my mother

Here’s a hint: Don’t capitalize mother, father, sister, and the like if the word is preceded by an adjective. So, it’s my mother, a great father, my mean-girl sister.

U.S. 8-year medal drought finally over

Forget what you think you know about Michael Phelps, the Final Five U.S. gymnasts, and Simone Manuel. It’s all a hoax. The United States of America hasn’t won a medal in the Olympics since 2008. At least until this boxer came along:

fp first medal

The long drought of losses and disappointment at the Olympics is finally over. At least according to Yahoo!.

Ha-ha. I kid. The truth is, Mr. Hernandez won the first medal in boxing for the U.S. since 2008. It’s just a teensy, weensy, itsy, bitsy detail that some editor forgot to mention.

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