Suge? ‘Suge’? Who knows, who cares?

His name is Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight Jr., although he’s known as just Suge Knight on the Yahoo! front page:

fp suge 2

Someone disagrees (or more likely, has no idea what the other writer did), and decided that Mr. Knight’s nickname needed some quotation marks:

fp suge

Which is correct? Does it matter? Just pick one and go with it.

It’s still not Manny Pacquiao

It’s happened before, and it’ll probably happen again after today. It’s the editors’ sad attempt at spelling Pacquiao:

fp pacquaio

Didn’t they learn anything from the last misspelling? Nope.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we see the results of disagreement in the correct abbreviation of pounds:

fp lb lbs

So, which is correct and why are they the same? Most authorities would side with lb., without the S. Why are there two versions of the abbreviation? Because this is ‘Nuf said.

Dumbest Statement of the Day

In this episode of the Dumbest Statement of the Day, we see the results of a writer who is unable to read and thus screws up a simple story with a fantastic lie:

fp quilters

Rachel Hauser looks desperate, asking for help paying bills. But that’s the lie and that’s what happens when a writer can’t read. Ms. Hauser did not ask for money. She asked for quilters to join a quilting bee. According to the article, “Groups of eight to 10 people sew separate parts of a quilt, shipping pieces to the host of each bee, who completes it. Quilts then are donated to various charities… ‘At first I thought, ‘I hope I can find 10 people who want to do this,” said Hauser.”

This is horribly insulting to Ms. Hauser and to the people who raised money for her daughter’s medical expenses without Ms. Hauser’s request or involvement.

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

It’s not nice to downgrade Mother Nature to a mere common noun. She deserves those capital letters that are missing on the Yahoo! front page:

fp mother nature

Grammatical errors cause uproar

If only. Can you imagine what would happen if readers of the Yahoo! front page created an uproar over every grammatical error? Maybe then the management would take the quality of its writing seriously. And maybe we wouldn’t see such an obvious grammar gaffe as a mismatched subject and verb:

fp plans causes

Geez. Louise?

Geez, is this the best they could do over at the Yahoo! front page? They couldn’t take the time to check the spelling of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ name?

fp louise

Apple Watch: Losing its memory?

Is there a risk that the Apple Watch will lose its cache memory? That’s the question posed by the geniuses at

fp cache

After all these years of documenting the errors made by Yahoo!’s writers and editors, I’m still astounded by their ignorance. The word cache (which is pronounced cash, not cash-ay) means “the storage buffer of a computer, also called cache memory” or “a hiding place or the stuff in a hiding place.”

With errors like this, Yahoo! is losing any cachet it might still have. And by cachet (which is pronounced cash-ay) I mean its prestige or appeal.

Out of this word!

Perhaps in another world, another universe, another galaxy this makes sense, but to the English-speaking world this is an other-worldly boo-boo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp wordly

John McCain’s abbreviated announcement

There’s something missing from Sen. McCain’s announcement on the Yahoo! front page:

fp announcment


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