It’s so unclear

After reading this on, I can’t figure out which players were fined:

fp its players

Were all WNBA players fined? It seems unlikely, but I’m hard-pressed to find any other singular noun that could be the antecedent for its. It’s more likely that the players on three teams were fined. If that’s the case, it’s clear that the writer should have referred to their players.

Stephen Colbert would know better

The editors over at seem to be engaging in a little truthiness themselves, spelling a word coined by Stephen Colbert without regard for logic or evidence:

fp truthiness

Katie Couric would be horrified

Katie Couric was a legitimate journalist before she joined Yahoo. She’d be horrified if she saw this spelling of Philando Castile on

castille fp

Sensitive subject gets insensitive treatment

When you’re writing about a sensitive subject, give it the respect it deserves. And don’t follow the example of editors: Proofread!

fp breastfreeding

It’s the Internet. Ever heard of it?

Is there anyone working in the United States who has not heard of the Internet? Yeah, at least one person working for

fp intenet

A never-ending ability to make mistakes

The editors at display a never-ending ability to make mistakes:

fp ability make

An L of a mistake

It’s not an elegant way to start off a sentence on

fp a la

It’s also not a big deal, but it bears repeating: Choose an indefinite article based on the beginning sound of the word it precedes, and not based on the first letter. If the word (or abbreviation) sounds like it starts with a vowel (as LA does), use an, not a.

Maybe they should plunge

It seems that the editors at were surprised that the worst global markets plunged as a result of the Brexit vote:

fp worst to plunge

Wouldn’t you expect the worst markets to plunge? If you’re a frequent reader of Terribly Write, you’d also expect to find a mistake on the Yahoo! front page. In case it’s one word too many. I think. I’m guessin’ the editors meant: Brexit spurs global markets plunge. Or: Brexit spurs worst global markets plunge. Or something else.

One out of two

If we were talking about baseball, a .500 batting average would be record-shattering. But this is, one of the most visited pages in the universe, and 50% isn’t good enough. Using two only once, instead of using it correctly twice, is akin to striking out:

fp to

This spelling is a long shot

It’s a long shot, but this spelling on could be right:

fp longshot

Or it could be wrong. I’m going with that. It’s wrong.


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