Lady Gaga’s monster nickname

The folks over at the Yahoo! front page are so fond of Lady Gaga that they’ve given her a new pet name: Mama Monster.

fp mama monster

While the rest of the world knows her as Mother Monster, these writers and editors must enjoy a special close relationship to the singer to give her universally known nickname a nickname.

Your history makes you the wrong person to edit

The editors’ history makes them the wrong people to notice a mismatched subject and verb:

fp history make

Names are so hard

Why can’t the people who write for spell the names of celebrities? I guess it’s just too hard to Google Anna Dello Russo’s name to verify its spelling:

fp anna della russo

And how did they come up with this dog of a misspelling of Angela Bassett’s name — not just once, but twice?

fp basset

Names are just so hard to spell, aren’t they?

SEALs the deal

Nice try. But wrong. The plural of SEAL (a member of the U.S. Navy’s special forces) is SEALs. Don’t believe what you read on the Yahoo! front page:

fp seals cap

What’s on the chopping block?

If I made as many mistakes in my job as this writer for Yahoo! Style, I’d be afraid my job would be on the chopping block:

chopping block sty

At least I know the difference between a chopping block and an auction block, which is what she meant, but didn’t write. I also know not to put a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word following it.

Northwestern is what?

Northwestern is. Yes indeedie, Northwestern is. What exactly is Northwestern? Only the writer for knows:

fp northwestern is

Oh! His phone!

Oh! His phone at halftime! Does that make sense to anyone except the person at who wrote this?

fp oh his phone

What would you say afer reading this?

What would you say to the writer or editor after reading this on

fp afer 2

How about “Take a proofreading class”?

Who wrote that?

Who lives inside this massive mound in Australia? Is it someone we should know? Malcolm Turnbull? Geoffrey Rush? Cate Blanchett? What person is referring to?

fp who lives

You’d have to read the article to learn that despite the fact the writer used the pronoun who, that mound isn’t home to a human being. It’s home to termites. That’s what lives inside.

Fewer destructions would be good

One less destruction would be a good start in correcting this on

fp destruction


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