A really big attack

A July 4th terror attack is so big it deserves an additional letter on the Yahoo! front page:

fp atttack

One day’s worth of errors

I couldn’t possibly address one day’s worth of errors found on the Yahoo! front page. I couldn’t handle just two hours’ worth of typos. There are just too many mistakes on Yahoo!, including this missing apostrophe:

fp 33 years worth

I’m not sure what “33 years’ worth of taxes” is. I guess it’s the same as “33 years of tax returns.” Anyhoo, the writer omitted the apostrophe in what the Associated Press calls a quasi possessive. Other similar constructions that you’re likely to encounter:

  • two weeks’ vacation
  • three years’ experience
  • his money’s worth

Biometrics leads the way

Biometrics leads the way, except on the Yahoo! front page, where grammatical errors are in the lead:

fp biometrics

It’s like mathematics, physics, forensics, and ballistics — which all take a singular verb.

It’s called proofreading

Words can be corrected using a technique called that proofreading puts words in the correct order. Maybe the folks at yahoo.com should look into it:

fp called that

Whaddya wanna bet?

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that this headline on yahoo.com was written by a millennial — someone in a generation that sees no value in spelling words correctly:

fp millenials slow

It’s also the same person who can’t decide if a phrase (like slow fade) needs to be surrounded in quotation marks.

No survivors

Whew! For a minute there I thought there were no survivors in Alaskan plane crash. But that’s not what it says on the Yahoo! front page:

fp surviviors

No surprise here

It comes as no surprise that the folks over at yahoo.com can’t spell surprise:

fp major suprises

No capital for this capitol

If you’re referring to the building where the Congress of the United States meets, that’s the Capitol. If you’re referring to the building where a state’s legislature sits, that’s a capitol. If you’re writing for the Yahoo! front page, you probably got it wrong:

fp capitol cap

Do I repeat myself myself?

From the Yahoo! front page page:

fp room

It’s all about the baseball

For at least a half of a nanosecond I thought this was going to be a fine sentence on yahoo.com. Then I read the second word. And then I read about “the baseball.”

fp on the baseball

More proof that you can’t outsource writing to non-English-speaking, non-baseball-loving countries.


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