War on Buffett

Yahoo! is streaming the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, so you’d think it could get the name of its CEO right. But nooooo. The folks at yahoo.com just can’t tell the difference between a serve-yourself meal and Warren Buffett:

fp buffet opt

An adaptation of adaptation

It looks like someone at yahoo.com made an adaptation of adaptation, or just chose to use the less common adaption:

fp adaption

Some dictionaries don’t recognize adaption as a legitimate word. Others cite adaption as a variation of the preferred adaptation. Are they both correct? According to Grammarist:

 … the longer word, adaptation, is preferred by most publications and is much more common. Adaption is not completely absent, but it usually gives way to the longer form in edited writing. 

Aha! The word adaptation is the preferred option in edited writing. That explains why adaption appears on Yahoo!.

How soon we forget

It hasn’t been a week since the passing of Prince, yet the editors at yahoo.com seem to have forgotten his name:

fp prnces

Under pressure?

Things must be getting pretty tense over at yahoo.com. I guess all the gossip and speculation about Yahoo!’s future is getting to the editors. They can’t even copy a company name correctly:

fp under armor

The sportswear company is Under Armour.

After after seeing the word

After after spotting the repeated word on yahoo.com, I noticed the picture of Queen Elizabeth surrounded by children:

fp after after x

And then I read the caption and was shocked. Did no one at Yahoo! notice that the children in the picture are far too young to be the queen’s grandchildren? Did no one realize they are the queen’s great-grandchildren?

Banking on readers’ ignorance?

Do you think the editors at yahoo.com were banking on their readers’ ignorance when they wrote this?

fp banking

The expression that means “rely or depend on” is bank on. It is not simply bank. And adding the word on to that sentence just won’t cut it. It needs to be rewritten to be grammatically correct.

Editors are mum

When asked why they put quotation marks around a character’s name and why they thought “details are mum” made sense, the editors at yahoo.com are mum:

fp mum

If the name of the movie Mr. Affleck will direct is “Batman,” then it deserves quotation marks. But it’s not. That’s the name of the character that will be central to a movie. Character names don’t get special treatment. You wouldn’t write about “Romeo” and “Juliet” would you? (Well, if you’re a Yahoo! editor you might, but the rest of the English-speaking world wouldn’t.) And why tell us that “details are mum”? Because aren’t details always silent? Perhaps it was the producer who is mum and details are missing or nonexistent.

You otter be embarrassed

Someone at yahoo.com ought to be red-faced over this headline:

fp otter pops hl

I haven’t seen Otter Pops since my son was in Little League and it was the frozen treat of choice after a game:

fp otter pops pic

Colin Madsen is not possessive

Whatever possessed the editors at yahoo.com to turn Colin Madsen into a possessive?

fp madsens

Jealous much?

Are the folks at the Yahoo! front page jealous of the success of Facebook? Could that be the reason they decided to downgrade the social media giant to the status of common noun?

fp fb st


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