This looks a lot like a sentence

This looks a lot like a sentence on the Yahoo! front page. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense, what with the missing word or words:

fp sounds a lot

It doesn’t take a genius

You don’t have to be a genius to know how to spell homogeneous. And if you can’t spell it (like the editors at, perhaps you could ask your employer for one of those newfangled thingies called a spell-checker. I hear they work quite well.

fp homogenous

Uniquely unprepared to edit

The editors at the Yahoo! front page seem uniquely unqualified to perform their jobs. They just can’t remember that there’s no hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY (like, oh, say, maybe uniquely) and the word that follows it:

fp uniquely-shaped

What to give Mom

Want to know what to give Mom this Mother’s Day? How about starting with a capital letter and avoiding this mistake on

fp mom lc 3

There seems to be some confusion at Yahoo! when it comes to words like mother, mom, father, and dad. When should they be capitalized and when are they just a common noun? Here’s a simple answer: If it’s preceded by an adjective (including the articles a and the), it’s a common noun:

  • My mother is the best cook.
  • I’ve always said that Mom is the best cook.
  • A father is special man.
  • When Father came home, I jumped up from the chair.

They looking not so good

Editors at must be under a lot of stress and it shows. I wonder if they are looking for the missing word here:

fp they looking

Cinematographer is coach at Texas A & M

Aaron Moorhead is a cinematographer, director, and actor as well as an assistant coach for Texas A & M football. Surprising, no? It’s probably even more surprising for Aaron Moorehead, who is coincidentally, also an
Aggies assistant football coach. Imagine the reaction from both Aarons when they read this on

fp aaron moorhead

War on Buffett

Yahoo! is streaming the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, so you’d think it could get the name of its CEO right. But nooooo. The folks at just can’t tell the difference between a serve-yourself meal and Warren Buffett:

fp buffet opt

An adaptation of adaptation

It looks like someone at made an adaptation of adaptation, or just chose to use the less common adaption:

fp adaption

Some dictionaries don’t recognize adaption as a legitimate word. Others cite adaption as a variation of the preferred adaptation. Are they both correct? According to Grammarist:

 … the longer word, adaptation, is preferred by most publications and is much more common. Adaption is not completely absent, but it usually gives way to the longer form in edited writing. 

Aha! The word adaptation is the preferred option in edited writing. That explains why adaption appears on Yahoo!.

How soon we forget

It hasn’t been a week since the passing of Prince, yet the editors at seem to have forgotten his name:

fp prnces

Under pressure?

Things must be getting pretty tense over at I guess all the gossip and speculation about Yahoo!’s future is getting to the editors. They can’t even copy a company name correctly:

fp under armor

The sportswear company is Under Armour.


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