The real scandal

The real scandal on The writers and/or editors who cannot spell the name of the “Scandal” character Mellie Grant:

fp melly

That’s one expensive house!

In some state in the U.S., the average price of a home is $198,000,000. I know it’s true because I read it on

fp 198kk

Just between you and me

Just between you and me, I think there are more than two airlines in the world. And if the editors at knew that they’d probably use among instead of between:

fp between airlines

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In this episode of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we witness a disagree about the need for a hyphen in a compound adjective, and the resulting inconsistency:

fp love scene

Someone should really get these people to communicate with each other. Pick up a phone. Text. Email. Instant message. Smoke signals. Anything to get these folks on the same page.

What’s cooking behind the desk?

A chef who works “near the ‘FABLife’ set” got a surprise, according to

fp set

It must be surprising for her to learn that she doesn’t work near the studio where the TV show is taped, but near the show’s actual scenery.

Reaching an agreement

There’s a little lack of agreement over at It seems that the editors can’t match a subject (like footage) and its verb (which should be gives):

fp footage give

They were also unable to come to an agreement with this subject and verb:

fp mom come

Do you think maybe the S key isn’t working of their keyboards?

How big was his waist?

A man lost 70 pounds by running marathons. Good for him! What’s really unusual about his story? According to the Yahoo! front page editors, all of that weight came from his waistline:

fp waist

Apparently the rest of his body retained its original pounds. Odd, no? Perhaps the writer took a little liberty with the facts for the sake of headline.

An NFL error

When do you use the indefinite articles a or an before a word? You use an before any word that starts with a vowel sound. It doesn’t have to start with a vowel; it’s the sound, not the letter, that’s important. It might be a new concept for the writers at who don’t realize that NFL starts with a vowel sound:

fp a nfl

Why am I not surprised?

They can’t decide if the United Kingdom is UK or U.K. They can’t agree on the abbreviation for the United Nations. They think that no one will notice if they spell the football scandal as Deflategate and deflate-gate. So should we be surprised if the geniuses at think super-PAC…

fp super-pac

…looks exactly like Super PAC?

fp super pac cap

Keeping up with the times

Hodgkin lymphoma has taken another life, according to

fp hodgkins

The disease used to be called Hodgkin’s lymphoma (with a lowercase L), but according to the Lymphoma Research Foundation, that designation is outdated.


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