Do you know what it is?

Do you think that the editors at know what a Realtor is? I don’t. If they knew that Realtor is a service mark for a real-estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors, they wouldn’t have treated the word as a common noun:

fp realtor 2

How do you get a ride underwater?

How do you hitch a ride in the ocean? You call an Uber diver! Ha-ha! I crack myself up. And this cracks me up, too:

fp uber diver

Today’s laugh was brought to you by the comedians at

A couple of errors

It’s really one little word that’s missing on the Yahoo! front page, but it’s a couple of mistake:

fp couple segments

Here’s what the American Heritage Dictionary says:

The of in the phrase a couple of is often dropped in speech, but this omission is usually considered a mistake. In 2013, 80 percent of the Usage Panel found the sentence A couple friends came over to watch the game to be unacceptable.

Was the other coke involved?

Was the editor involved with a little coke before writing this headline for

fp coca-coca

Let’s see how long it takes the geniuses at Yahoo! to change that typo to Coca-Cola and to change infamous to famous. (Infamous is not a synonym for famous; it means notorious or well-known for a very, very bad reason.) Maybe they’ll also move that question mark so that it’s outside the quotation marks.

History of misspelling

The Yahoo! front page has a long history of misspellings, and this sad attempt at belligerence is just one more example:

fp belligerance

Are you depleting your savings?

U.S. consumers are depleting their financial resources, say the folks at the Yahoo! front page:

fp exhausting

That’s just a preposterous claim, isn’t it? In fact, it’s something the writer made up, because the accompanying article says nothing about anyone “exhausting their finances.” I think the only thing that’s exhausted is the writer, who probably has no idea what exhausting means.

Pharrell would not be happy about this

Pharrell Williams would not be happy to see that the brain trust that writes for can’t get his name right:

fp pharell

Why is it Speaker Boehner?

Why does Speaker Boehner get a big fat S in his title? Because he works in the capital! Ha-ha! That’s just a little grammar humor. It looks like the writer for has a sense of humor, too, because this is pretty funny:

fp speaker lc

Where do you put ice cream hoards?

Do you need a freezer in the garage to stash ice cream-loving hoards? Hordes of people want to know. Maybe we can ask the writer for Yahoo! Travel:

hoards tra

What do you make when you slip up?

When you slip up, you make a slip-up. When you write for Yahoo! front page, chances are good that the slip-up will be seen by millions:

fp slip up


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