Punctuation friendly headline

Here’s a headline from Yahoo! Style that’s a tad hyphen happy:

environmentally-friendly sty

There’s no need for a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word it modifies. The -LY is the signal to the reader that the adverb modifies the word following it.

Nice try, but wrong

I gotta give the Yahoo! Celebrity writer credit for trying to use hyphens in a compound modifier. But not too much credit, because he got it wrong:

five-to-eight cel

He tried to combine “five-second to eight-second technical issue,” which is admirable. But the result isn’t quite right. The correct use of hyphens is: five- to eight-second technical issue.

News gets worse

It looks like Yahoo! News is trying out a new format (at least that’s what I see in Firefox). Too bad the Internet giant didn’t spend a little more time training some proofreaders and teaching their editors to writer shorter headlines that fit into the now limited spaces:

new news hp

Do you need a hands-on editor?

I’m here, getting hands-on with this excerpt from Yahoo! Sports:

along way spo

That missing hyphen isn’t so bad, but the rest of the sentence is a long way from correct.

Here’s a slip-up (or two or three) that went unnoticed by the brain trust at Yahoo! Style:

slip up backfired sty

I don’t know if a slip-up (which, as a noun, requires a hyphen) can backfire, since a slip-up is an accidental mistake and backfire is usually reserved for conscious errors. But I’ll let that one go. What I can’t let go is the last sentence in the paragraph. What the heck does that mean? I think it means the writer is unfamiliar with English.

Hall of Fame of hyphens

If there were a Hall of Fame for hyphen overuse, this writer for Yahoo! Sports would be in it:

hall-of-fame spo

There’s no reason to hyphenate Hall of Fame, even when it’s used as an adjective; there’s no danger of the reader misunderstanding an unhyphenated Hall of Fame.

When a weeklong is too long

Here’s a word that’s too long by one character:

week-long news

According to the Associated Press Stylebook, the American Heritage Dictionary, and numerous other authorities, it should be weeklong. According to Yahoo! News, the dictionary spelling is just a suggestion.

How to tell if you need a vacation

I think the writer for Yahoo! Makers needs a little vacation. Maybe just a little getaway to help her relax. Perhaps she’d spend a little time with a dictionary and learn to spell some common words and rid herself of her obsession with hyphens:

get-a-way diy

This had me in stitches

If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry. I’ve seen some very simple words misspelled on Yahoo!. But I’ve never seen cross-stitch misspelled anywhere. And I mean anywhere. But here it is on Yahoo! Shopping, where the writer can’t spell stitch to save her life, can’t decide if cross-stitch should be hyphenated (it should) and overlooked a missing hyphen in 4-inch:

cross stich sho

Where mistakes reign

Those wacky Yahoo! Style staffers are at it again. This time they demonstrate that mistakes reign when writing about a 75-year-old (it requires two hyphens):

handing reigns sty

Maybe next time they’ll hand the reins over to someone who understands English.


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