This doorknob spelling will make you cringe

This spelling of doorknob on Yahoo! Makers is what the kids at the Internet giant would call cringeworthy:

door knob

Regarding your word choice…

To the writer for the Yahoo! front page: I’d like to make a suggestion regarding your choice of words. It’s simply this: Don’t use in regards to. It’s just wrong. Try in regard to or better still, regarding:

fp in regards to

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? If it’s on the home page of Yahoo! Style, probably a mistake. It wouldn’t have taken the writer more than ten seconds to check the spelling of Rayna Jaymes’ name in order to avoid this gaffe:


rayna james

Mistakes aplenty

There are mistakes aplenty on Yahoo! Style. And this intrusive use of the apostrophe is just one:


What the heck did the writer think was the purpose of that apostrophe? Did she think it showed  the omission of a number? Or a letter? To me the only thing it shows is the writer’s ignorance.

Round up the mistakes!

If I could round up all the grammatical and spelling mistakes made by Yahoo! Style writers and editors and wrote a roundup of them, that would be quite a ginormous summary. I’d start with this:

round up sty 2

Clearly the writer doesn’t know that round up is a verb phrase and that roundup is a noun.

Shouldn’t you know that?

If you’re a writer who covers fashion, shouldn’t you know the names of the parts of a garment? Shouldn’t you know a sleeve from a waistband? A collar from a lapel?


The writer helpfully included a picture, showing the pin on the collar of the shirt:

lapel pic

You don’t need to be a fashion writer to know the difference between a lapel and a collar; it’s pretty much common knowledge among English-speaking people.  Except if you write for Yahoo! Style where subject-matter knowledge is not a requirement:

Dumbest Statement of the Day

This episode of Dumbest Statement of the Day comes to you from Yahoo! Makers, where makers make dumb mistakes:


What does “watercooler cookies” have to do with Monet, who was known for his paintings of water lilies? Uh, nothing. You might notice that the cookies look like they were painted with watercolors, and they are indeed called “Watercolor Cookies.” And what does that have to do with Monet? Uh, nothing. Monet didn’t paint with watercolors. So this writer screwed up the name of the cookies and screwed up with the reference to “Monet in the Bank.” Maybe that’s the dumbest statement of the week.

More games amount to more than one

Was the writer for the Yahoo! front page unable to figure out that games is plural? More grammar errors and having to face disgruntled readers amount to one amateurish webpage requiring a little editorial support:

fp amounts

This bears no resemblance to the correct word

Unless Abercrombie & Fitch are stripping down to their skivvies, this bears only the slightest resemblance to the correct word on Yahoo! Style:

bare sty

What a splendid spelling!

This splendid spelling on the Yahoo! front page is probably just a typo by a ham-fisted writer.

fp splended

It’s an easy mistake to make because the E key is right next to the I nobody at Yahoo! cares about accuracy.


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