Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s spilt

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were married. And then they spilt. Spilt the beans? Spilt the mile? I do not know. I’ll have to ask the writer for Yahoo! Style:

than he leads sty

While I’m at it, I think I’ll ask her who Mr. Hawke was leading on. It’s not nice to lead on anyone, enticing them with deceit. And this writer knows less about common English idioms than she lets on.

Maybe we should start in the States

Before the U.S. ventures around the globe to held educate girls, perhaps we should consider education the adults here at home. I’m thinking of the writers and editors at the Yahoo! front page who could use a little spelling lesson:

fp initative

Lady Gaga’s career is open and honest

It’s not often — if ever — you read about a career (and not a person) that is open and honest , but that’s what the writer at Yahoo! Style alleges:

up and up sty

If I’m going to be on the up and up, I’d have to say that the writer has a real problem with common English idioms. She probably meant Lady Gaga’s career is on the rise, is on the way up, or is in its ascendancy (not that she’d know what that means).

How to make an easy task difficult

I’ve never had trouble making a hard-boiled egg. But apparently there are enough people out there who suffer from the inability to cook an egg that Yahoo! Makers offers some advice. Except that the advice is more confusing than dropping an egg in water. First, there’s a minor discrepancy in this technique, which doesn’t boil eggs, but rather bakes them. At some confusing and confused temperature:

degrees diy

And just to make a simple process more difficult, the writer tells us that even though there is no water involved in baking eggs, they have to “go into and come out of the water” together. Huh?

Did the writer try these instructions? I don’t think so.

It’s not a typo

This is no ordinary typo on Yahoo! Makers. It’s just the worst misspelling of the day. Or week.

tyle diy

Withtholding judgment

This is one time when judgment will be withheld concerning this misspelling on the Yahoo! front page:

fp withtheld

I will not judge the writer and editor responsible for this obvious mistake. Perhaps they were under such tight deadlines that there was no time to do a spell-check — even though that would have taken less than a nanosecond.

Building charging stations one at a time

According to Yahoo! Makers, you can get wireless charging stations that are built in, one at a time:

discretely diy

That’s what it says, but what the writer meant was they’re discreetly built in, so that they’re not noticeable.

Write, then edit

What’s better than writing? Writing, and then editing. And maybe doing a little research. That’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style should have done:

oscar nom then sty

He might have mentioned that Ms. Blanchett is an Oscar-winning actress (and not just a nominee). And he might have figured out that she looked “more like the fairy godmother” than the stepmother. Maybe.

You write the top, I’ll write the bottom

In the continuing saga “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we once again see the results of hyphenation indecision:

fp walk-of-shame

Not a bona fide word

Here’s one sign you’re a bona fide poor speller: You misspell bona fide on the home page of Yahoo! Style:

bonafide sty


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