High school diploma optional

I always thought that professional writers were college graduates, but after reading this on Yahoo! Style, I don’t think they have to be high school graduates. It seems that a fourth-grade education is more than adequate.

This is possibly the most outrageous of the writer’s claims. She apparently thinks matriculate is a synonym for graduate. It is not; it means “to admit or be admitted to a college or university”:

matriculated 1

That was my first hint that this writer hadn’t attended an institution of higher learning. And there’s no doubt she doesn’t hold a Ph.D. What does she think P.h.D. stands for anyway?

matriculated 2

Clearly, there were no classes in logic (or English) in her educational background. If there were, she would never have written this about a really, really good-looking college instructor name Boselli:

matriculated 3

So, Boselli proves that “beauty is nothing without the brain.” In other words, the poor man is a brainless Adonis. But somehow he managed to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering? At least he has a degree (or two or three).

Bold move

It was like being struck with a bolt of lightning when I realized that this wasn’t a typo: The writer for Yahoo! Style really thinks this is correct:

lightning bold

Sun prevention: Not a good idea

Preventing the sun is not a good idea, even if you could do that. The Yahoo! Style writer seems to think that Lady Gaga is somehow preventing the sun with sunglasses as big as what we would call a windshield:

sun prevention

A feasible explanation

I’d like an explanation from the folks at yahoo.com how expensive rents make homeownership more feasible:

fp more feasible

Perhaps the writers, who likely work in a non-English-speaking country, think that feasible means “attractive” and not “possible.” That would be a feasible explanation.

Speak English

One of these days, this writer for Yahoo! Style will break into English, using correct verbs and prepositions. But today is not that day:

speak into sty

In the unlikely event you use the right word…

In the unlikely event the writer for Yahoo! Answers stumbles on the correct word, I’d be flabbergasted:

on the event ans

Some aid needed here

Whoever’s responsible for this on the Yahoo! front page could use some aid in proofreading:

fp daying

I’ll have what he’s having

Jon Hamm put another drink on his bar bill, according to Yahoo! Celebrity:

addition omg

How to prevent this kind of error

Many people wouldn’t consider this an error on the Yahoo! front page, but it does indicate a lapse in vocabulary:

fp preventative 2

The word preventative is not incorrect, it is simply an alternative to the preferred preventive. It’s easy to prevent writers from using anything other than a preferred word: Make them use a dictionary (I hear that there are even dictionaries on the Web these days) or subject their writing to review by a competent editor before it’s published.

Rihanna scared off by one photographer

Here’s some surprising information about singer Rihanna on Yahoo! Style:

paparazzo sty

Just ignore the redundant dollar sign and the word dollar, which is weird. Focus instead on the paparazzo. It’s hard to believe there was only one pestering her; I would have thought there would be paparazzi. Of course, I would have also thought the writer knew that paparazzo is singular; paparazzi is its plural. The rest of the sentence totally eludes me; I have no clue what the writer is trying to convey.


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