Last time I checked

The last time I checked, last September occurred in 2015. But the writer for Yahoo! Style has a different definition of last:

last september sty

According to this vocabulary-challenged writer, last September occurred in 2014, which would be the last September before last September.

Did you consult a dictionary?

I don’t think this writer for Yahoo! Makers is from the United States, because she doesn’t have a typical American vocabulary. Most Americans know that “dry goods” are textiles, fabric, clothing and the like. But not this gal, who thinks that dry food (which in my house means the kibble we feel the dog) is called dry goods:

dry goods diy

So where does the canned cranberry sauce fit in?

I’m a writer, not a mathematician!

Don’t expect that the writers at Yahoo! Style will be doing any higher-order mathematical computations. At least one of them has enough trouble with third-grade arithmetic:

dropped 107

I don’t know how searches can drop more than 100%. Once they hit  100% drop, there are no searches. So, did the number of searches somehow reach negative numbers?

Again with the French!

Yahoo! Style writers must fancy themselves Francophiles, though their knowledge of France doesn’t extend to its language. If you think that it’s odd that a boy would be holding his mother’s arm:

la main cap

… that’s because he’s not holding her arm. It clearly states (in French) that he is holding his mother’s hand:

la main pic

Really. These people have to stop with the French. When they’re not screwing up the placement of accents, they’re misusing common French expressions (like tête-à-tête and La Vie en Rose) and misspelling others. Please stop already.

You be the judge

Is it just me? Do I misunderstand the meaning of the word matching? Here’s the source of my self-doubt, from Yahoo! Style:

matching jack

That’s a caption for this photo, showing the “matching bomber jackets”:

matching jack pic

If matching means that both jackets have two sleeves and a zipper, then I’m wrong. But, you be the judge. Are they matching?

Oy vey!

Oy! How does someone with so little regard for language become a “news editor” for Yahoo! Style? This little lady clearly has no respect for the proper use of the Shift, arbitrarily using it to capitalize the common noun sweater and failing to use it for Festival of Lights:

maillots sty

Her spelling of Hanukkah isn’t the preferred one. And her knowledge of fashion is a tad wanting: A maillot is not a style of sweater; it’s a bathing suit.

It’s not short for addvertisement

An advertisement is often called an ad, except on Yahoo! Style:

add sty

Let me add one observation: The “super rapey” ad isn’t even an advertisement. It’s a page in a catalog. So, the writer not only got a fact wrong, but also misspelled it. Smart.

The depth of ignorance

This might actually be funny if it weren’t for the fact that it shows the depth of ignorance of one Yahoo! Makers writer:

waddle diy

A turkey’s “waddle” is its clumsy walk. But it seems that the writer was just kidding! Maybe that’s why she put those quotation marks around the word. I’m pretty sure she meant wattle, which is skin hanging from a turkey’s neck or throat. It is not the “red floppy part on top of the head.” That would be a comb. And it is not the “red floppy part … under the chin” because turkey’s do not have chins.

Well, it looks like the writer finally concluded that the area under a turkey’s beak is not really a chin. I think. I have no idea why this genius decided to put apostrophes about the word the second time she used it and not the first time. And those apostrophes are wrong, as is the placement of the period.

Imagine, a professional writer getting paid to screw up one single sentence in so many creative ways. Maybe she’s not the only ignorant staffer at Yahoo!.

That’s one expensive house!

In some state in the U.S., the average price of a home is $198,000,000. I know it’s true because I read it on

fp 198kk

Lucky Blue Smith’s gender confusion

I’m soooo confused. And I’m not the only one. There are seemingly lots of people today who suffer from some sort of gender identity confusion. The staff at Yahoo! Style seem to be afflicted with gender confusion, too. Is Lucky Blue Smith one of three sisters?

youngest sister sty

Apparently, yes. But why do the writers continue to refer to him with masculine pronouns?

The real culprit in this confusion is the writer or writers who fail miserably at constructing a simple English sentence. Mr. Smith is not the youngest of three sisters. He is younger than his three sisters. He has three older sisters. His three sisters are older. All of those are true and without confusion. Pity no Style staffer thought of any one of them.


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