Dumbest Statement of the Day

Readers of this caption on Yahoo! Style might expect that it goes with an X-rated (or maybe just a PG-13-rated) photo:

sport bra sty cap

Sorry to disappoint. You should know by now to never trust anything that’s written by a Yahoo! scribe. Here’s the picture of our Ms. Brooks who appears to be wearing a cap, shorts, and footwear. And a sports bra:

sport bra sty pic

Dumbest Statement of the Day

When a writer does no research and makes up facts, she’s likely to be featured on Dumbest Statement of the Day. That’s the fate today of the Yahoo! Makers writer who’s responsible for this photo caption:

puff caption diy

The caption is for this picture:

puff pic diy

Lovers of “Pete’s Dragon” will recognize Elliott, the imaginary dragon.

Where in the world?

Where in the world did the writer for Yahoo! Style get the idea that there was a capital K in the city Oshkosh?

oshkosh sty

Maybe the writer was thinking of the children’s clothing line OshKosh B’gosh.

So, what was the Yahoo! Beauty writer thinking when she wrote about the Chinese city Kong Hong?

kong hong

Maybe she was hungry and was distracted by thoughts of sum dim.

Not to be outdone by the errors of other Yahoo! staffers, the writer for Yahoo! Sports came up with a creative spelling of Copperstown (and omitted the hyphen in Dominican-born):

coopertown spo

What is it about cities? Why are they so hard to spell correctly? Or is it just hard for Yahoo! staff?

My ‘aha’ moment

Reading this on Yahoo! Makers, I had an “aha” moment: This writer is in need of a competent editor and a course in English and writing:

a-ha diy

It wasn’t the incorrectly capitalized portobello; it wasn’t even the incorrectly hyphenated aha, although both indicate a careless writer unfamiliar with a basic dictionary. It was the dangling participle styling, which leads readers to believe that Mushroom Savanna did the styling of the fungi.

Soon-to-be-edited article

Ha-ha! I kid. I am a kidder. This article from Yahoo! Style about an engaged woman isn’t going to be edited (or maybe it has been edited. Scary thought, no?):

betrothed sty

The writer seems to think that betrothed means married. It doesn’t. It means engaged.

Notorious, heinous pancake maker?

How the heck does a pancake maker get such a horrible reputation? What did it do to the pancakes? Torch them? Well, truth is, the pancake maker actually makes good pancakes. So why didn’t the writer for Yahoo! Travel call it “infamous”?

infamous tra hp

Because he or she is an idiot when it comes to basic English. But, it’s not surprising that yet another writer for Yahoo! has used infamous to mean famous. This just appeared on Yahoo!, too:

infamous par

That little insult to Princess Diana was written by the editorial director for Yahoo! Parenting. What can you expect from Yahoo! when its writers and editors are so ignorant?

Why is this so crucial?

Why is there a question mark at the end of this sentence on Yahoo! Makers? And how can a dimmer reduce overall energy output?

energy output

Great questions! The answers lie with a basic misunderstanding of English by the writer. The first has to do with a question embedded in a declarative sentence. The question is: Why is this so crucial? And some style experts would allow a question mark mid-sentence, like this: Why is this so crucial? you might ask. Looks weird to me. A better solution in my mind would be to recast the sentence: You might ask why this is so crucial.

On the second issue, the writer confused the word output with consumption or usage. At least, that’s my charitable view.

Do us all a favor, please

The folks in charge of the writing on yahoo.com would do their readers a favor by hiring writers and editors with a basic English vocabulary and some knowledge of common American customs:

fp wedding favors

That headline refers to an article about gifts for bridesmaids. It is not about wedding favors, which are  small, token mementos that are given to every wedding guest.

Dumbest statement of the day

Meet New York City’s second mayor — Andrew Cuomo. Apparently he gave up the governorship of New York state to help run the largest city in the country. At least that’s what the writer for Yahoo! Style tells us:

mayor cuomo sty

How old are you?

Is the writer for Yahoo! Makers so young that she doesn’t know what a garter is? I think so:

garter belt

This is the bright yellow accessory the bride wore. It is a garter:

garter belt pic

This is a garter belt

garter belt pic 2

Neither is a common garment for women nowadays, but they were once a necessity for properly dressed ladies. Or so I’m told.


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