The kids are at the keyboard again

Wouldn’t it be great if Yahoo! Style hired writers who were old enough to vote? Maybe then they’d know a little more about the world and the people in it. Perhaps if this writer’s memory went back further than Blue Ivy’s birth, she’d be familiar with the “aquatic star” Esther Williams:

ethel wims sty

Jose Canseco’s ‘Juiced’ is fiction

When Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced” hit the bookstores, it was advertised as an autobiographical exposé of steroid use in the Major League Baseball. Ten years later, a writer at Yahoo! Sports reveals that it was all a work of fiction:

novel spo

It’s a novel assertion, especially in light of the publicity (and controversy) the book generated. Is it true? Or does the writer really not know that a novel is a work of fiction?

Please tell me you’re not registered to vote

When I read this, written by the “managing editor” for Yahoo! Makers, I thought it was a little odd that the Donald Dump character would be holding a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

dec of ind diy 1

In fact, it was very odd. And very wrong.

Here’s the picture of Donald Dump and it looks like he’s holding something… what is it? It sure as heck ain’t the Declaration of Independence, which would make no sense, not even satirically. He’s holding the Constitution of the United States of America:

dec of ind diy pic

I can only hope that this “managing editor” isn’t typical of the electorate and that he’s not a registered voter.

Take a civics class

When I was in high school, many, many decades ago, all students had to take a semester of civics. We learned a lot about our government, from the small-town assembly to the three branches of the federal system. It’s too bad that the Yahoo! Style “news editor” didn’t have a similar education. She might have learned that a state has a governor, and the city of Flint, Michigan, has a mayor:

governor sty

Worst news site on the Web

If you’re looking for reliable news articles on the Web, skip anything written by Yahoo! News “journalists.” The mistakes they make would be laughable if they weren’t so horrifyingly inaccurate:

am dying news

Only one person died in the United States of Ebola in 2014. The CDC reports that 11,301 people died of Ebola in Africa that year. Millions of people were not dying in the streets anywhere. Perhaps the writer suffers from Trump Syndrome, named after the presidential candidate who claimed to  have seen thousands of people cheering in New Jersey when the twin towers went down on 9/11.

This is beyond horrible, it is beyond irresponsible.

Dumbest statement of the day

Today’s really dumb statement comes to you courtesy of the brain trust that is the Yahoo! front page:

fp nearly 3 yrs

I don’t need to explain the monumental stupidity of that statement to my readers. But for the benefit of the writers and editors at Yahoo!, let me explain: It is 2016; 2012 was more than three years ago. Perhaps you don’t understand that nearly doesn’t mean “more than”; it means “almost, but not quite.”

The worst medical writer in the world?

To write about medical issues, you have to have some related background. Except if you write for Yahoo! Beauty, where even the most basic knowledge is unnecessary. I was horrified to read this from a “professional” writer on a site that is viewed by millions of people:

hypocrites bea

Have you ever read anything more ignorant? Would anyone trust anything in this article when the writer doesn’t know Hypocrite’s (with an apostrophe!) from Hippocrates?

Is it my eyes?

Are my eyes failing me? According to Yahoo! Style, Beyonce is wearing Minnie Mouse ears:

mm ears sty

And here’s the picture that allegedly shows the singer in Minnie ears:

mm ears pic

Maybe it was the cataract surgery that screwed up my eyes because I don’t see the ears. I see a polka dot pink-and-white bow that looks like it was Photoshopped onto the picture. However, I do see the bat “made adorned” with $100 bills.

Actual knowledge not required

What does it take to be an assistant editor for Yahoo! Style? Do you have to know about style? I don’t think so. Do you have to know English. Not really. Here’s why I say that:

checkered heals sty

The writer (who is an assistant editor) has no idea what a checkered pattern is. She has confused it with a plaid, which is what Ms. Dello Russo was wearing:

checkered sty

As for her “patent leather heals”? I have no idea what was healed by patent leather. Perhaps the writer, who may be still learning her craft (as well as her subject matter) meant heels.

Not too bright

Gigi Hadid was in Paris, known to many as the City of Light. Known to many, but not known to the Yahoo! Style news editor:

city of lights lc


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