Big move for All-Star game

Kansas City, the site of Major League Baseball’s All-Star game, has moved from Missouri to Utah. Only the genius writer over at Yahoo! Music knows why:

Godzilla, King of the Monsters

Not much to see here on Yahoo! Movies. Just some problems involving a movie title: It’s “Godzilla, King of the Monsters.” And  some problems in what should be 24-hour period:

Couldn’t they find someone who speaks English?

Geez. If the folks on the Yahoo! front page are going to outsource the writing on, don’t you think they could find a country where the people actually speak English?

Tabbing a waitress involves placing tabs on the unlucky girl. The brilliant writer probably meant taps, which means “picks.”

As for the photo of that bored fan? It shows a guy whose seat cannot keep him in the game.

(I really don’t know if Yahoo! is outsourcing the writing on its front page. But I do know that whoever writes this crap has a tenuous grasp on the English language. And that’s not a good trait for a writer.)

I should have stopped reading

After reading the very first sentence of the very first paragraph, I should have stopped reading the article on Yahoo! Shine:

But I felt compelled to read on in hopes that by reading the article I’d learn something about a writer who is so careless or ignorant that she’d make a mistake like that.

Maybe the writer was from Mars. Nah. If she were, she’d know how to spell the name of the planet. As an earthling, she should have learned how to write numbers. Most style guides insist that numbers greater than nine (or ten), should be communicated using numerals:

Maybe she really is from another planet. She’s obviously having trouble with numbers again. She doesn’t realize that two is more than one, and that the apostrophe belongs after the S to indicate the plural researchers:

I’m pretty sure that here on Earth, all fire is bacteria-resistant:

That ’80s reference needs an apostrophe to denote missing numerals. Two dudes? OK, she’s definitely from another nonluminous celestial body. The two researchers she’s trying to write about are one man and one woman.

Did I learn anything more about this writer? Nope. She produces really sloppy writer. Does the reason really matter?

One of these people is not like the others

One of these people is not like the others. Do you know who?

Madeleine Albright
George H. W. Bush
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
Shirley Temple Black
Daniel Patrick Moynihan

If you guessed Shirley Temple Black, you’d be right. She’s the only person in the list who has not served as a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.  Ms. Black was a member of the U.S. delegation to the UN, but never UN ambassador.

This bit of fiction is brought to you by Yahoo! Movies.

Having a little trouble with reality?

Honey, if you’re having a little trouble distinguishing an actor from his role, you might consider switching meds. That’s the advice I’d give to the writer for Yahoo! Movies who can’t tell the difference between George C.  Scott and George Patton:

March Madness hits the newsroom

I think James Murdoch just stepped down as chairman of British Kentucky Broadcasting. At least that’s what I read on Yahoo! News, and we all know how reliable that site is:

Has March Madness and NCAA champ Kentucky Wildcats taken over the newsroom at Yahoo!?


I’m just going to say it

I’m just going to say it: The person who wrote this for the Yahoo! front page is an idiot:

Ms. Palin will not be a co-host on “Good Morning America.” Her gig is on “The Today Show.” That’s like a totally different morning show on a totally different network. But I quibble.

Tutu much

It’s an over-the-top mistake on Yahoo! Music. The writer sees more “gaudy roses” than I do.

Wait for it!

Some things are just worth waiting for. Take this little paragraph from Yahoo! Movies — it’s got some great grammatical gaffes. But the best goof is the last. And it’s worth wading through the misplaced period (in the U.S., it belongs before the closing quotation mark), the factual error (the Pickford-Fairbanks marriage actually lasted 16 years), the misspelling of Charlie Chaplin, and the incorrectly named Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Did you wait for it? It’s hilarious, isn’t it? Who the heck thinks Mr. Fairbanks resided as the first president? We all know he resided in Pickfair.

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