Didn’t go to school in the U.S.?

People outside the United States just don’t understand the names we give to each year in a high school or college. They can’t always remember that freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior are the four years of education. So, maybe if the yahoo.com writer isn’t from the U.S., he or she doesn’t know that a student in the third year of college is a junior, not a junior student:

fp junior student

How how do you make a mistake like that?

How how do you make a mistake like this and how how do you miss it when you proofread?

fp how how

Oh, yeah, I forgot. The people who write for the Yahoo! front page don’t believe in proofreading before publishing. That’s how how.

Typo typo you won’t believe

No explanation is necessary (or even possible) for this embarrassment on the Yahoo! front page:

fp baby baby

Error spans the globe

When an error is made on the Yahoo! front page, it’s seen by millions of people around the globe. In some countries, readers might think that this is correct, because Yahoo! is one of the largest Internet sites in the world and has the resources and responsibility to publish quality content:

sp span across

But, that’s not correct. A bridge spans a river, not across a river. A career can span 40 years, not across 40 years. And this error spans the globe.

Isn’t that what a schoolhouse is?

There they go again! Outsourcing the writing on yahoo.com to some third-world country where folks are unfamiliar with English and American culture:

fp schoolhouse

News flash: Nobody says “schoolhouse building” because a schoolhouse is a building. Adding the word building is not only redundant, it’s practically un-American.

Do I repeat myself? repeat myself?

The carelessly repeated words in this article from Yahoo! Makers aren’t the worst mistakes a writer can make. They’re just the worst easily avoidable mistakes.

the the aircrafts diy

Any writer who proofreads her work would have spotted those. The mistake that really chaps my hide is the use of aircrafts as a plural. The plural of aircraft is aircraft. If the writer wanted to emphasize that multiple planes are involved, then she should have used that word.

Can you spot the error?

Here’s a fun little puzzler for you. Can you spot the error in this headline from Yahoo! Makers?

fit fit diy hp

Two seconds is too much

The eagle-eyed editors at the Yahoo! home page need to remove the second seconds and keep the first seconds, or remove the first seconds and keep the second seconds:

fp seconds

Is that Taylor Swift’s middle name?

Taylor Calls Swift? Yahoo! Style reveals the singer’s unusual middle name in really BIG letters:

calls sty hp

Of course, it is possible that someone at Yahoo! made a mistake when pounding out that headline. Nah. It’s not as if Yahoo! writers and editors ever erred.

Will this produce reader pushback?

Readers of yahoo.com might consider a little pushback when it comes to the Internet giant’s policy of refusing to proofread or edit its content. Maybe then it would eliminate repeated words and arbitrary hyphens in words like pushback:

fp push-back 2

But is pushback, even if spelled correctly, the right word? Probably not. It means a resistance or opposition to something, like a policy, plan, or strategy. What Macy’s is doing competing with Amazon or responding to Amazon.


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