About your your proofreading skills…

It would take approximately 2 nanoseconds to proofread this sentence on yahoo.com:

fp your your

So, how come nobody took the time to do that?

Eek! An error!

Eek! Two errors compound this homophonic goof on Yahoo! Sports:

eek mlb

The expression is eke out, not eek out, not eke out of, and definitely not eek out of. The word eek is what cartoon characters (and apparently women in the 1970s) say when they see a mouse:

eek a mouse

After after seeing the word

After after spotting the repeated word on yahoo.com, I noticed the picture of Queen Elizabeth surrounded by children:

fp after after x

And then I read the caption and was shocked. Did no one at Yahoo! notice that the children in the picture are far too young to be the queen’s grandchildren? Did no one realize they are the queen’s great-grandchildren?

Instead of instead

Instead of repeating instead, the Yahoo! Sports writer should have opted for making the sentence shorter and choosing the right word:

opted on spo mlb

What were you thinking?

I could be urging the Yahoo! Style “news editor” to proofread her writing before she publishes it. But I won’t because if I did, we wouldn’t be treated to this bit of amusement:

gender neural sty

I think a “gender neural dress code” specifies that male neurons must wear pants, and female axons must be covered at all times.


If this were written by a third-grader, the mistakes might be understandable. But coming from a professional writer for Yahoo! Style, they’re downright disgraceful:

graceful sty

Someone writing about fashion should know that paillettes needs two L’s; they are a type of sequin. And when the plural word is the subject of the sentence, it requires a plural subject. And Lord help her (because no one at Yahoo! will), the writer actually thinks that graceful is a suitable modifier for the verb floats. It is not; the adverb gracefully is.

Is it my eyes?

Are my eyes failing me? According to Yahoo! Style, Beyonce is wearing Minnie Mouse ears:

mm ears sty

And here’s the picture that allegedly shows the singer in Minnie ears:

mm ears pic

Maybe it was the cataract surgery that screwed up my eyes because I don’t see the ears. I see a polka dot pink-and-white bow that looks like it was Photoshopped onto the picture. However, I do see the bat “made adorned” with $100 bills.

What does this say tell you about yahoo.com?

What does this say about yahoo.com’s commitment to excellence:

fp say tell

It tells me it doesn’t exist.

Can you out top this?

You’d think that it would be hard to screw up a simple verb like top. But the writer for Yahoo! Travel managed to do just that with the redundant and silly expression out top:

out top b honest tra

To be honest, that’s not the worst mistake in the article. The use of the letter b to stand in for an actual word tops that.

The Mark Cuban on the Powerball

You can read the Mark Cuban’s advice about the Powerball on the Yahoo!:

fp the powerball

One of the hardest things to master for English as a Second Language learners is when to use the word the. This is not one of those times.


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